What are Jigsaws Used for?

What are Jigsaws Used for?
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Do you own many power tools but don’t know all their uses? And more particularly, do you know what jigsaws can be used for? Jigsaws are versatile tools that can be used to cut curves in wood, for plumbing and electrical jobs, and even when replacing your flooring. If you own a jigsaw and would like to get more use from it, this article is for you. We are going to look at the ins and outs of jigsaws so you can learn how you can use your jigsaw and how handy this power tool can be. Let’s get to it!

What Can a Jigsaw be Used for?

Jigsaws are more versatile than one would think. While they are primarily used to cut different angles and curves into a piece of wood, there is a whole multitude of other uses that you might not have considered, such as:


Use a jigsaw to cut wooden boards to a specific width and length to redo the flooring in your home.

Making your own wood items

From planter boxes to picture frames, craft-oriented people can use a jigsaw to cut wooden strips to size and add detailing by creating curved cuts.

Plumbing or electrical use

A jigsaw is the perfect power tool to cut through plastic and PVC piping used in plumbing your home.

Master cuts wood with a jig saw

General crafts and DIY projects

Make gifts using your jigsaw and create a unique keepsake for someone special.

Carpet laying

Homebuilders can use a jigsaw to cut carpet panels to size instantly using a particular blade. This requires a sharp blade. 

Fence making

Bring your white picket fence dreams to life by building your fence using your jigsaw to cut boards to size and length. 

Other uses include:

  • Wall framing
  • Roofing
  • Crown molding
  • Pumpkin carving – yes! You can use your jigsaw to create that perfect spooky Jack O Lantern and make Halloween displays super special. 

It is clear that the jigsaw is super versatile and can be used in almost any DIY job around your home, no matter how big or small. 

What Materials can be Cut Using a Jigsaw?

While the jigsaw is not a multi-tool, one can certainly use it to cut various materials. The most common material that a jigsaw is used for is wood of various lengths, densities, and thicknesses. What else can be cut using a jigsaw? The materials you can cut depend mainly on the type of blade required, and there are, of course, restrictions on the thickness of these as well. 

You can use your jigsaw to cut:

#1: Wood

#2: Metal

To cut through metals like steel and iron, you need to use a blade made of tungsten carbide. Ensure that the blade has between 20 to 25 teeth per inch to ensure a clean cut with little to no shaving or sparking occurring. 

#3: Plastic or Plexiglass

Use your jigsaw and a carbide blade with 20 teeth per inch to cut through plastic PVC pipes when doing a home DIY job. 

#4: Ceramic Tile

Ceramic can be especially tricky to cut through using your jigsaw. A special toothless blade is used. This is made of a carbide grit that needs to be very sharp to create a clean, even cut without cracking or breaking the ceramic tile. 

#5: Concrete

Certain restrictions come with cutting concrete with a jigsaw. One can cut only porous or fiber concrete types with a jigsaw, and this requires a strong carbide blade to cut through thin pieces of the concrete slabs. Take your time and cut through the concrete as slowly as possible to ensure an even cut. 

#6 Carpet

If you are redoing the carpeting in your home, you can use your jigsaw to cut carpet tiles to size to create a design or simply just to fit into the room perfectly. To cut carpet using a jigsaw, use a blade made for softer materials. These usually have various sizes of long and short teeth on the blade. 

It is so essential that safety is your first priority when using a jigsaw. Always wear protective eyewear and pay attention to the placement of your hands when the jigsaw is on and you are cutting through your material. 

Why You Should Buy a Jigsaw

If you do not yet own a jigsaw, now is the time to buy one! Apart from all the fascinating uses for a jigsaw that we have listed above and the materials that can be cut using a jigsaw, there are many more reasons why you should get a jigsaw.

Reasons to purchase a jigsaw:

Jigsaws can be used to cut curves into wood

There are four types of cuts that one can achieve with a jigsaw. They are:

  • Curved cuts – Guide your jigsaw along a stenciled design to create a unique wood piece for your home. 
  • Plunge cuts – These cuts are made by starting in the center of your wood piece. This is great for cutting holes in wood for electrical outlets, sinks in countertops, and more. 
  • Straight cuts – Cut with or against the grain of a piece of wood using a wide blade to create the perfect straight cut. 
  • Bevel cuts – These are cuts made by placing the jigsaw at a 45-degree angle. 

Jigsaws require little to no skill to use

There are no skills needed to use a jigsaw, and it is so safe that even a child can operate a jigsaw with supervision. As the tool rests on the surface, it will cut. There is no need for adult strength to use a jigsaw effectively. Introduce your children to using a jigsaw and let their creativity go wild. 

Can be corded or cordless

You can now get your favorite jigsaw in a cordless version for cutting on the go. Pop it in your boot when visiting friends, or even take it with you to craft fairs to create art on the go. If you are unsure which jigsaw would suit your needs best, read reviews online to see how other customers have used their jigsaw around the home or in the workshop to create magnificent wood creations. No matter which option you choose, corded or cordless, a jigsaw is a must-have that you need in your toolbox. 


A jigsaw is a versatile power tool and a must-have for all DIY and crafting jobs, no matter how big or small. If you want to build your own wood creations to give to friends and family as gifts or build a new deck or fence for your home, your jigsaw will become the most crucial tool. Buy a jigsaw today and start creating! 


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