Wahl 5 Stars Senior vs Magic Clip: Pick The Right One!

Wahl 5 Stars Senior vs Magic Clip: Pick The Right One!
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Are you in the market for a tremendous new clipper and trying to decide between the crisp-sounding Wahl Cordless Magic Clip and the 5-Star Senior model? We pit them head-to-head so that you can finally make up your mind!

Wahl has been around for many years making professional barbering and hair styling tools and clippers. Their trusted brand and reputation have made them one of the leading competitors on a worldwide scale. The Wahl Magic Clip and their 5 Stars Senior Clipper are two of their most popular models due to their ease of use and reliable performance, but how do they stack up against one another?

Choosing between these two complementary yet distinguished models can be challenging with such close similarities. To find out which of these great clippers takes the cake, we conducted an extensive review of each machine, comparing them feature by feature in our surprise faceoff!

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Taking into account 

When choosing the right clipper for your needs, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost is the type of cut you’re looking for. Are you an expert barber or a home-haircutting enthusiast?

Wahl provides excellent barber tools in all categories, so finding the top tool is more about something other than which is better but which is best for you. Sometimes hair maintenance can be challenging, especially for professionals who style assorted hair types daily. Finding a good companion tool can make all the difference in your work.

This article will explore the most critical factors when selecting a clipper model, including cuts and ergonomics, covering both:

Here are the cordless versions of these absolute powerhouses. Resting a bit before the next haircut:

Wahl's Magic Clip
Wahl Magic Clip & Senior

As far as cordless goes, the Magic Clip has been a personal preference for a while, while the 5 Star Senior is among the corded models’ top choices. One of the best things about these Wahl clippers is that both can be used as non-pro models conveniently at home.

Wahl’s Magic Clip vs. 5 Star Senior: Battle of the corded clippers

Let’s start with the corded version of hair clippers. 

The 5 Senior Clipper has outperformed the Wahl Elite Pro High-Performance Hair Clipper kit. The 5 Star Cuts Senior Corded Clipper is a powerful and reliable clipper with a heavy-duty motor that can handle thick and coarse hair. The adjustable blade allows you to cut from 0.8mm to 2.5mm, making it ideal for skin fades and tapers. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use, while the corded design ensures you have plenty of power for a long day of cutting.

The Wahl Magic Clip is also a powerful and reliable clipper with an adjustable blade focusing on the tool’s versatility. It is among the top beard and body-hair trimmers as it can easily be used for maintenance trims or full hair cuts regardless of the level of haircutting experience. 

What Do the Corded Electric Hair Cutters Have in Common?

The Wahl Magic Clip and 5 Star Senior electric hair cutters are designed to provide superior performance and reliability. Both feature powerful motors that can handle thick and coarse hair, adjustable clipper blades for different hair lengths, precision cutting, and ergonomic designs for comfortable use. Additionally, both clippers have an 8-foot power cord, providing plenty of power for a long day of cutting.

The clippers’ hassle with these two models is that users think they feature a different blade. Not really. Both clippers share the same #2191 blade. 

The Adjustable 0000 Clipper Blade is created with precision and offers superior performance and flexibility. For optimum precision fading, the Wahl 2191 is the ideal tool to use with the 5-Star Senior, Magic Clip, and Sterling Reflections Senior models because of its zero overlap capability, which means you can tinker with it for maximum closeness. Contrary to standard Wahl blades, this one goes to #0000.

Here’s how it looks on a 5-Star Senior

Wahl 5 Star Senior
$93.34 $87.40
  • The King of Wahl corded clippers.
  • Powerful, born for precise fades.
  • Ultra tough aluminum bottom casing.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Wahl's Senior
Wahl 5 Star Senior

The Wahl corded clippers are a long-lasting tool that is incredibly powerful and perfect for creating precise fades. They also have a robust aluminum bottom casing.

In other words, bald or skin fades are easy with the original cutting blade. They’re great for bulk cuts as well. At the same time, their greatest strength lies in the precision of their fading and tapering technique.

The Differences Come Elsewhere

The differences between the Wahl Magic Clip and 5 Star Senior come in other areas. Variations in the strength of the motor for different regions, the cord’s length, or the handle’s shape.

The Motor

The 5 Star Senior comes with a V9000 motor, regardless of where it’s sold. The corded Magic Clip ( check it here) also has a V9000 engine…but only in the US.

The Magic Clips in Europe or Asia come with Wahl’s older, less powerful V5000 motor. The difference in power compared to the V9000 is quite noticeable. The Euro-Asian market model has less efficiency, especially when the motor has to help mow through thicker hair.

From the end-user perspective, this is important, especially when there are many thick-haired clients in the barbershop. So take note if you’ll often deal with many African-American hair locks.

The Body

The body of the Wahl Magic Clip and 5 Star Senior are both made from durable aluminum. The 5 Star Senior has a slightly heavier body, which makes it more stable when cutting. 

The 5 Star Wahl’s Magic Clip has an all-plastic body, while the Seniors’ bottom part is metal. The metal adds additional weight and stability for some; for others, it’ll be too tiring on their hands. 

The larger model and metal casing make the Senior more durable if you drop it. 

Bonus Attachments

Most hair clippers come with bonus attachments for different hair lengths. The Wahl Magic Clip comes with Wahl’s full line of 8 guards (1/8″ to 1″). With the Wahl Senior Clippers, however, usually, you’ll get only three guides (1/16″ – 3/16″). 

While corded clippers are the best go-to for barbershops and salons, the actual cord can sometimes be a nuisance. For example, experiencing motor torque difficulties due to an unstable power source can be a problem. One way to avoid this is to opt for quieter model cordless hair/beard trimmers. The powerful yet quiet enough motor and a battery indicator will help evade the electrical issues and provide the user with more mobility. 

Cordless Wahl 5 Stars Senior vs. Magic Clip: No Wires Attached

Unlike the corded versions, the cordless models of the Wahl Senior and 5 Magic Clip are more powerful than their corded counterparts.

The 5 Star Senior cordless clipper is equipped with a rotary motor. Its durable lithium-ion battery has up to 70 minutes of durability. The Wahl Magic Clip cordless clipper has slightly better performance, as its battery can last up to 90 minutes.

The cordless models of the Wahl Senior Clippers and Magic Clip are great for barbershops, salons, or home use. They provide more mobility and convenience than the corded versions.

Variance in Clipper Blades

Both models feature two slightly different blades. The cordless Senior sticks to the #2191 precision fading/zero overlap blade.

The Clip, however, moves to what Wahl calls the ‘stagger-tooth’ blade with crunch technology. To be more precise, this is the #2161 blade that focuses on soft fades and achieves smooth blending while you cut hair with ease

This one is especially great for thick, curly hair types. It doesn’t cut as close as the #0000 beast on the Seniors. Thus, true skin fades would be a bit tougher but still doable.

Why do users prefer the beautiful Wahl’s Magic Clip?

Here are a few good reasons:

  • Ridiculously lightweight at 10 ounces, 25% lighter than the Senior.
  • 90 minutes of Li-Ion runtime – 20 minutes more than the Senior.
  • A better price – not only cheaper, but you get a full set of 8 combs once again.

All of the benefits of high-end models with practicality in exchange for blade versatility.

Wahl Cordless Magic Clip
  • Unmatched 90+ Li-Ion battery.
  • Lightweight = your hands won’t hurt after a few cuts.
  • Stagger tooth blade delivers smooth fades and blends well with even thicker, curly hair.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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All the cordless clips are a favorite tool many barbers use as a great main clipper. Better ergonomics, less hand fatigue, and longer battery life.

From the barbering experience and customer reviews, users learn that even with the cordless Senior out on the market, they still stick to the Clip.

Here’s a quick showcase video of this rotary motor beauty:

Why Do People Still Go for the Cordless Seniors?

One of the reasons is that here you still get the aluminum bottom housing. Depending on your cutting style, this will give you a more weighted, balanced feel.

Also, the cordless Senior swaps the easy-to-cause-heat electromagnetic motor for a rotary one. A cooler, more silent-powered tool that pairs with the stylish and durable metal bottom matters a lot to some barbers. The varied guard options are also a plus.

There’s one more perk. While the cordless Senior again doesn’t come with the full set of 8 Wahl combs, the 3 guards in the kit aren’t the plastic ones. They’re the premium stainless steel guides you can see here:

Wahl's Magic Clip

A Few More Expert Tips 

After exchanging thoughts on these models with a few barber shops, the overall takeaway on determining the difference between Wahl Magic Clip and Senior models is that users should remember their intent. 

The corded models are great clippers for beginners for an average haircut at home. For more experienced barbers, the cordless models are a great choice. The Magic Clip is a great all-rounder for general use, while the Senior is better for skin fades and other precise cuts.

For frequent touch-up trims, it is essential to know how to maintain your grooming equipment. Both the Wahl Magic Clip and Senior Clippers models require similar care. 

Clean the blades with a blade brush and oil them after every use. This will help keep the clipper blades sharp and prevent rusting. Additionally, storing your clippers in a cool, dry place when not in use is vital for their durability.

Finally, ensure you always have additional guards and combs for when you need them.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the choice is yours. The Cordless Wahl’s Magic Clip comes as a personal preference. A good pair of hair clips ensure the user has control of hair length and can easily navigate the tool through sideburn, loose hair, or thick head hair. 

Do you prefer a weighted feel? What kind of haircuts do you plan to focus on? Will it be your primary cutter or a supplementary machine?

Also, remember the focus was on this post’s #8545 Senior model. Check out the article on all types of Senior clippers for the’ standard’ version.

Similarly, if you want a cheaper Wahl clipper made for tight, proper fades, check my article on the Legend with a few words on how it compares to Wahl’s Magic Clip and the Senior.

Last but not least, men are prone to use one model of clippers for decades, both for hair and beard maintenance. However, clippers trade convenience for focused performance. Like the Senior being better for fades, the Magic Clip is better for general use. 

Trimmers for beards are the same way. You’ll need something for some precise work on hairlines, necklines, or around trickier areas like the ears or mustache. You can check my thoughts on several of the brand’s trimmers for more information.

Good luck, and feel free to comment with any questions!


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