Wahl Magic Clip vs 5 Star Senior: A Surprise

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I’ve had quite a few people ask me about the difference between Wahl’s 5 Star Magic Clip and the Senior. The brand’s two most iconic clippers are so similar, yet so different.

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Wahl Senior Tab
Wahl 5 Star Senior
  • The King of Wahl corded clippers.
  • Powerful, born for precise fades.
  • Ultra tough aluminum bottom casing.
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Wahl Cordless Magic Clip
Wahl Cordless Magic Clip
  • Unmatched 90+ Li-Ion battery.
  • Lightweight = your hands won’t hurt after a few cuts.
  • Stagger tooth blade delivers smooth fades and blends well even thicker, curly hair.
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This isn’t a matter of which is better; rather of what cuts and ergonomics you want to see in your main clipper.

My post will be a bit longer because I plan to cover both:

Here are the cordless versions of these absolute powerhouses. Resting a bit before the next haircut:

Wahl Magic Clip vs Senior Cordless
Wahl Magic Clip & Senior

I’ll be honest with you.

As far as cordless goes, I’d pick the Magic Clip. With corded clippers, the 5 Star Senior has been my preference for a long time.

Feel free to navigate to whichever part of the article interests you the most.

Wahl Magic Clip vs 5 Star Senior:
Battle of the corded clippers

Let’s start with the corded version. Both of them are a part of Wahl’s barber-grade 5 star Series.

Here’s the thing – a lot of people seem to think that they feature a different blade. Not really. Both clippers share the same #2191 blade.

Summed up in short, this is Wahl’s special fading blade. It features zero overlap, which means you can tinker around with it for maximum closeness. Contrary to standard Wahl blades, this one goes all the way to #0000.

Here’s how it looks on my 5 Star Senior:

Wahl Senior Tab

Wahl 5 Star Senior

The King of Wahl corded clippers. Powerful, born for precise fades and with ultra tough aluminum bottom casing.

Wahl Senior Blade
Wahl Senior

In other words, skin or bald fades are a piece of cake. Rest easy, these are pretty great for bulk cuts too. However, the precision in fading/tapering is where they shine.

The differences come elsewhere.

First, the motor. The 5 Star Senior comes with a V9000 motor, regardless of where it’s sold. The corded Magic Clip (check it here) also has a V9000 motor…but only in the US.

The Magic Clips sold in Europe or Asia come with Wahl’s older, less powerful V5000 motor. Less power means less efficiency, especially when the motor has to help mow through thicker hair.

Take note if you’ll be dealing with a lot of African-American black hair.

Second difference – the body. The 5 Star Magic Clip has an all-plastic body, while the Seniors’ bottom part is made of metal. This adds additional weight and stability for some; for others, it’ll be too tiring on their hands.

The metal casing also makes the Senior more durable in case you drop it, for example.

The last difference comes with the bonus attachments. The Magic Clip comes with Wahl’s full line of 8 guards (1/8″ to 1″). With the Senior, however, usually you’ll get only 3 guides (1/16” – 3/16”).

Wahl Cordless Senior vs Cordless 5 Star Magic Clip:
No wires attached

Unlike the corded versions, here those two feature two slightly different blades.

The cordless Senior sticks to the #2191 precision fading/zero overlap blade.

The Clip, however, moves to what Wahl call the ‘stagger-tooth’ blade with crunch technology. To be more precise, this is the #2161 blade that focuses on soft fades and achieves smooth blending while you do cuts.

This one is especially great for black men’s hair or just curly, thick hair types in general. It doesn’t cut as close as the #0000 beast on the Seniors. Thus, true skin fades would be a bit tougher, but still doable.

Why do I prefer the beautiful Magic Clip?

A few good reasons:

  • Ridiculously lightweight at 10 ounces, 25% lighter than the Senior.
  • 90 minutes of Li-Ion runtime – 20 minutes more than the Senior.
  • Better price – not only cheaper, but once again you get a full set of 8 combs.

Pretty great, if you ask me.

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Wahl Cordless Magic Clip
Wahl Cordless Magic Clip
  • Unmatched 90+ Li-Ion battery.
  • Lightweight = your hands won’t hurt after a few cuts.
  • Stagger tooth blade delivers smooth fades and blends well even thicker, curly hair.
Check Price on Amazon

All in all, if you’ll be extra busy, the cordless Clips are a great main clipper. Better ergonomics, less hand fatigue, and a longer battery charge.

From the barbers I’ve spoken with, most point out that even with the cordless Senior out on the market, they still stick to the Clip.

Here’s a quick showcase video of this rotary motor beauty:

Quite a few people still go for the cordless Seniors.


One of the reasons is that here you still get the aluminum bottom housing. Depending on your cutting style, this will give you a more weighted, balanced feel.

Also, the cordless Senior swaps the easy-to-cause-heatup electromagnetic motor for a rotary one. Cooler, more silent power that pairs with the stylish and durable metal bottom matters a lot to some barbers.

There’s one more perk. While the cordless Senior again doesn’t come with the full set of 8 Wahl combs, the 3 guards in the kit aren’t the plastic ones. They’re the premium stainless steel guides you can see here:

Wahl Stainless Combs


Ultimately, the choice is yours. I much prefer the Cordless Magic Clip, unlike the corded versions where I’m keen on the 5 Star Senior.

Ask yourself: do you prefer a more weighted feel? What is your budget? What kind of haircuts do you plan to focus on with this clipper? Will it be your main cutter or a supplementary machine?

Also, keep in mind that in this post I was talking only about the #8545 Senior. For the ‘standard’ version, be sure to check my article on all types of Senior clippers out there.

Similarly, if you want a cheaper Wahl clipper made for some tight, proper fades – check my article on the Legend. I also write a few words on how it compares to both the Magic Clip and the Senior.

Wahl Clip vs Senior Featured 2

Last but not least, let’s not forget about trimmers. You’ll need something for some precise work on hairlines, necklines, or around trickier areas like the ears or mustache. I have a Wahl Detailer, but you can check my thoughts on several of the brand’s trimmers.

Best of luck and feel free to ask me anything in the comments below!

22 thoughts on “Wahl Magic Clip vs 5 Star Senior: A Surprise”

  1. Thanks for the review and insights.

    A few questions.

    1. Do the Cordless Senior and Cordless Magic Clip have the same motor? Which one do they have?

    2. Are the #2191 (Cordless Senior) and #2161 (Cordless Magic Clip) blades the same shape, e.g., flat?

    3. The #2161 staggered tooth blade with crunch technology (Cordless Magic Clip) seems like a really good blade with good ratings. Wahl markets the Five Star line (of which the Cordless Magic Clip is a part of) for multi cultural clients. How well does it work on white peoples’ hair, e.g., straight, not too fine, not too course? Would the #2191 be better?

    1. Hey Thom!

      1 As far as I know, both clippers share the same rotary motor which combines higher blade speed with higher stall torque (as Wahl themselves put it). I think across all of their cordless clippers they ditch the electromagnetic one for rotary.

      2 The shape is the same; the blade teeth are what’s slightly different. The #2191 ones are set for closer cutting (what I mentioned with the #0000 position when the lever’s closed). The staggered tooth w/ crunch blade has teeth that fare better with smoother blending and creating texture when cutting.

      3 The #2161 blade will be absolutely OK with straight hair that’s neither too fine, nor too coarse. It’s not handicapped in any way to deal with other types of hair, it just specializes in ethnic hair on top of its great overall cutting capabilities.

      I’d say which is better would depend on what kind of cut you’re after. As I’ve mentioned, If you’re looking for bald/skin fades, the #2191 will be a better choice.

      Personally, I’ve used the Senior blade more for its closer cuts. I’ve seen plenty of barbers slapping a #2191 on their cordless Magic Clips too when there was only a corded Senior out there.

      Cheers and let me know if you have other questions!

      1. Thanks, Alex!

        Cordless Magic Clips are on the way! (A friend hooked me up as they’re hard to find right now.)

        Also, nice site. I was reading through some of the DIY & Home Improvement entries and am now feeling the need to buy some tools!


        1. Hey Thom!

          Glad to hear that you could get the Clips! Let me know how it goes. Sometimes during a more turbulent delivery, the blades can get misaligned. If you hear some rattling noise, that’s probably it. Just as a precaution, I’ve seen it happen – rarely, but it does from time to time.

          Hopefully, you’ll get them delivered safely and they’ll be great from the get-go.

          Thanks for the kind words too, as you can guess I myself am doing some DIY to distract myself from standing in one place too much…


  2. Alex,

    Hoping you might help answer the following questions:

    1. Would the Cordless Magic Clip or Cordless Senior be better on straight Asian hair?
    2. Which one is better for beginners?

    As background, shelter-in-place means I want tools to get more serious about cutting my own hair. I’ve been using a Wahl Color Pro (the corded version), but figure it’s worth an upgrade to cordless in making it easier to cut my own hair.

    I like that the Magic Clip comes with a full set of guards (as I’ve had to loan out my Color Pro to my brother-in-law recently), but am willing to buy longer guards if the Cordless Senior is a material upgrade. And while I like the polished look of the Senior (especially the original limited edition), ultimately I care more about ease of use and performance for the task at hand.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    1. Hi Ken,

      Both clippers will be OK with straight Asian hair, to be honest. However, for the sake of your q2 – ease of use, I’d go with the cordless Magic Clip. The Senior’s closer fade blade makes it a bit easier to nick skin for beginners. It’s not THAT dangerous, of course, but I reckon most DIYers at home would prefer the Magic Clip.

      Price-wise too, as it also saves a few bucks along the way. Or at least it should, not sure about the current prices during the pandemic…

      The upgrade from the Color Pro should be quite tangible. Just make sure you go a bit slower in the beginning due to the more powerful motor and sharper (proper quality!) blades.

      The limited edition Senior is very, very cool but especially right now it’s way over any sane price range – even for barbers. It’s a bit ridiculous…

      Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope you’re doing good!

      1. Alex,

        Been enjoying the Magic Clips, so thanks again for the recommendation.

        Following up, you said they (or the Seniors) would be “OK” on Asian hair. Was wondering was there something that would work better on my hair type (e.g. Andis Master, etc.)?

        1. Hey Ken,

          Sorry for the rather late reply…

          Hmmm, I’m not sure if I’ve encountered any Asian-hair dedicated (at least in terms of marketing) clipper. Living in Japan, I’ve seen quite a few barbershops use Panasonic hair clippers. I think it’s not because of hair type, but rather because of Panasonic being a native brand, though…

          The Master is a pretty nice clipper, albeit a bit heavy and noisier. I think for home use the Clips are still superior, though.


  3. Hi Alex,

    Great articles. I’m now cutting my own hair and decided to upgrade my 20 yr old Wahl MC clippers. I’ve got straight blond hair – crew cut style with no tight fades (just a blend on the sides) – I’m using a special 2″ plastic comb guard for top of my head and #4 comb for back and sides. I’ve narrowed it down to the Corded 5 Star Senior or Cordless 5 Star Magic Clip. I want a clipper that will last for years. Cordless would be nice but not mandatory for me. Which would you recommend for me between the Senior corded and the cordless 5 Star Magic?

    1. Hey Bob,

      I’m happy to share my own experience. I’m a active, athletic and outdoors kind of guy but I also always like to look my best. I’m bald; aka, toilet seat head. For years I went to one of those chain haircut factories every 10-12 days. The one I went to did a good job, knew me by name and it was easy. Frankly, I was a bit worried that I couldn’t do as good of a job myself.

      Then the pandemic hit. The week everything closed I was within days of needing a haircut. I went online and did a lot of research on clippers and how-to DIY. I purchased the Cordless Magic Clips. Perfect timing as now they are hard to find. They are absolutely awesome! I wanted professional clippers vs a drugstore line because I like quality tools and always want the best I can afford. I also needed cordless because I would be using them in my walk-in shower (easier cleaning).

      It sounds like you’re a pro at cutting your own hair. For those who are not, here are a few tips:

      – Stand at the sink and looking into a hand held mirror, give your neck a fresh shave with a razor (I do this dry)
      – While at the sink, and using your razor, outline the hairline you want in the back, e.g., squared off or rounded
      – When using the Cordless Magic Clippers to cut the hair on the back of your head, look down, placing chin on chest to get the skin on the back of the head tight and a better cut
      – Be sure to look in the mirror and check that you’ve properly cut the hair around your ears
      – I go over my head three times to make sure I haven’t missed a spot
      – Follow the instructions to clean and oil the clippers after each use

      I use the #1 guide with the taper lever closed. No fades for me; same length all over. The Stagger Tooth blade that comes with the Cordless Magic Clips is excellent. The hair texture looks really good. And, importantly, the Crunch Technology helps you hear the hair being cut more so than standard blades. This is extremely helpful when you can’t *see* what you’re doing.

      My girlfriend checked out my cut the first couple of times. Now I’m confident with what I’m doing and don’t need a second set of eyes for quality assurance. I also cut my hair more frequently now than when I visited the chain salon. Once a week I have Quad B day — Bald head, Brows, Bush and Balls — using different tools of course. I spend less time on all that than I did when having someone cut the hair on my head when you factor in drive time and wait time. Plus the clippers have paid for themselves. My girlfriend also prefers my new buzz cuts and thinks they look better. This is probably because I cut my hair more often and it looks consistent in length and “freshness” vs growing out.

      Since my clippers purchase, I purchased the Wahl Premium Guides (#1/2 and #1). They are just better made than the set that came with the clippers. I also bought a nice case for the clippers and accessories.

      BTW, my hair is straight, medium brown and not too remarkable. LOL

      I definitely recommend the Cordless Magic Clips. I would not hesitate to purchase them again.

      Alex, thanks for the article/review. You have a really cool site. I’m looking to see more.


      1. Beautiful comment, Jim — thanks a ton for taking your time to write it! I’m sure future readers will be glad to have it here too.

        Also glad to see you share my love for the Cordless Clips!

        I wish more DIY people understood the branded vs drugstore line you talked about too. Thing is, getting a clipper is not a depreciating investment – you’re actively saving money every time you cut your hair at home. Plus, you’re also learning a new skill! So it only makes sense to get the PROPER tools instead of cheaping out.

        Needless to say, for barbers drugstore brands don’t exist anyways 😛

        I’m bald too, btw. Started with buzzcuts, gradually got closer and closer to the scalp…Now I mostly use electric shavers (prefer the foil ones for the smoother finishing touch), but still have several pairs of clippers just for the heck of it…and to do the odd haircut for a friend, of course.

        Thank you for the kind words on my site too. Trying my best, as there’s a lot of lackluster sites out there. People deserve proper reviews 🙂

        My best regards to you and stay safe!

    2. I ended up buying the 5 Star Cordless Magic because they were in stock. I’m anxious to give them a try!

      1. Hey Bob!

        Sorry for the late reply, was swamped in some projects…

        I see that you’ve finalized your decision; just wanted to let you know that you should be more than fine with the Magic Clips. I find that most DIY home users prefer it due to the lightweight, easier to work with body and more…can I say user-friendly, haha, blade.

        The Seniors (corded) have a certain weighted feel to them, but with the extra close fade blade I’ve seen quite a few home users complain about nicks here and there.

        Hope the Magic Clips will serve you beautifully for years to come!

        Cheers and be well,

        1. Hi Jim and Alex!
          Jim thanks for all the great tips and for taking the time for such detailed information. Alex thanks for your opinion on the Magic Clips. Keep up the great reviews!

  4. Hello Alex –

    I am circling back around to let you know that my Cordless Magic Clips arrived yesterday. I was actually excited which was probably driven by the fact that I needed a haircut! Between work video calls I unpacked them and during lunch I gave them a try, my first DIY haircut. My hair is thinning on top, but not to the point of “toilet seat head,” as Jim (above) called it. I decided to go all in and give myself a buzz cut, another first for me. I used the #1 guide which took off a lot — the tub looked like I skinned a cat. I have to admit I really like the buzz cut look! Plus my partner says it brings out my handsome face. 🙂

    The Cordless Magic Clips are A+ in quality. The design, materials, build, weight and balance. They are perfect for someone cutting their own hair. I really like the #2161 (Stagger Tooth) blade that comes with the Cordless Magic Clips. It does a fantastic job. No painful pulling and the cut hair looks and feels really nice. The only thing I am a little disappointed in is the quality of the guides that came in the box with the clippers. They look and feel cheap, like a cost savings initiative. I am thinking about ordering a set of Wahl’s premium guides. I can’t believe the manufacturing cost is that different and am curious why Wahl puts a cheaper set in the box, especially since it seems inconsistent with the brand promise.

    When my partner got home he gave the clippers a try. He is Brazilian, of European and African descent. His hair is completely different from mine in texture, thickness and volume. He used several guides. I was amazed at how good of a cut he was able to give himself (I helped a little) and how cleaned up he looked. He will continue to use the expertise of a professional (when it is safe to do so). But now he will be able to use the Cordless Magic Clips for maintenance in between visits and not go as often.

    BTW, the blade and movement were fine, so the clippers were not knocked around during shipping. Thanks for the heads up.

    We didn’t do the “Quad B.” I got a chuckle out of that. Only a Double B, maybe a Triple B. LOL But it makes sense to align and sync up all the guy maintenance work. Get in there, get it done and get out.

    Jim, thank you for providing the helpful tips.

    Alex, thank you for the useful review and additional helpful comments. I have a new look which I like and I am glad I made the right purchase with the Cordless Magic Clips!

    1. Hey Thom,

      Very happy to hear that! Let that be the beginning of a lot of masterful and fun-filled haircuts for both of you!

      I totally feel you re: the guides’ quality. I’ve even mentioned that on Wahl’s official Facebook page once, lol. In my opinion, Wahl should supplement at least their more expensive, professional 5 star lineup of clippers with the premium guides. I get using plastics on the lower cost Wahl Color Pro, Chrome Pro etc., but the Magic Clip, Senior, Legend deserve proper combs.

      That said – at least they offer some combs as accessories! Their rival – Andis, much as I like them, often don’t include anything in their clipper packages.

      As long as you remember to oil your Magic Clip after every 1-2 haircuts, I’m sure it’ll stick for years to come!

      Cheers and please keep safe in this current environment!

  5. Hi Alex.

    Site is great and information has been really useful. I’ve been doing basic sides and back cuts for me and my son using a Babylis face shaved during the lockdown but I’ve left it in the shower and it’s died a death. So on the lookout for something new that is better than the usual brands that will do both hair and stubble /very short beard trims. With the help of your site I’ve got the choice down to a magic clip cordless if going for clippers or a Beretto if using a smaller tapering tool. I’d prefer the magic clip I think but worried about the size to get around the nose for beard trims. Do you have any thoughts or advice please?

    Thanks very much!

    1. Hey there, Paul!

      Good choice on the cordless Clip and the Wahl Beret – the latter being Wahl’s best value for price trimmer, imo.

      Beard trims around the nose are doable with the Magic Clip, but it might be uncomfortable. Obviously it depends on your facial features and everything, but in my case I definitely do my necklines and beard trimming with a dedicated trimmer for that. The Beret will be awesome, as well as Wahl’s Detailer. Sideburns you can take care of with a clipper, but I’ve never had a good time using any standalone clipper on my whiskers.

      Just make sure you price match across different sites, not only the Amazon links I’ve provided above. Clipper prices have become CRAZY! Fortunately, trimmers don’t seem to be affected that much yet.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and keep safe!

      1. Hi Alex and thanks for your quick reply!

        I’d been looking at Wahl’s refurbished items and unfortunately when I went to basket everything I’d picked was out of stock so went back to the drawing board again because as you say, the cost of the magic clip and the beret and the beretta were all way out of my budget really. However I checked again this afternoon and it just so happens the beretta refurb was back in stock! Managed to grab it for £60 and a few pence with a years warranty and new battery and blades. Can’t wait for it to come now!

        Thanks for the advice and for just putting my mind at rest that the options I’d looked at were suitable. I will keep an eye out on the refurb section for the magic clip still as it’d be nice to have the clippers just for doing the hair cuts.

        1. Hey Paul!

          Good catch on that, hope it serves you well and your DIY haircuts make everyone jealous, haha 😛 I just checked that it goes by ‘Beretto’ in the UK, it seems. Interesting!

          Best of luck, hope you grab a nice refurbished Magic Clip too.


  6. Alex,

    Thanks for the informative site and your thorough review of the Magic Clips and Senior clippers. I stumbled upon the review while doing research to find a quality clipper to cut my hair due to not being able to go to my barber during the pandemic.

    I chose the Magic Clips based on your review and the helpful comments posted by your readers. I really appreciate the pragmatic points of view provided by everyone. I have had the Magic Clips for a few months now (they were difficult to find at first). I have used them every week since.

    A little background. I’m a pretty active guy and into daily fitness. During the pandemic I’ve used working out as an outlet to reduce stress and have dropped 7 pounds while gaining some nice muscle tone. How I look is important to me but I’m not one to spend a lot of time in the bathroom primping and preening. Everything thing has to be quick, easy and effective. I’m Turkish and Greek and have that Mediterranean look going on. I’m a hairy guy (e.g., chest, arms and legs) And it’s thick, e.g., my pits. For some reason hair seems to grow healthy everywhere except on my head (and, thankfully, not on my back). I had been thinking about buzzing it all off for about a year. When the pandemic hit I touched it up with scissors and wore a ball cap a lot. It was getting bad by the time I found some Magic Clips in stock and I definitely had that unkempt, scraggly quarantine look going on.

    When the Magic Clips arrived I used them that evening. I went for the buzz cut. Yep, the #1 all over.

    To pile on to what others have said, there are several things I like about the Magic Clips. The first is that the quality is really nice. They are very premium and professional level — the blades, the motor and the casing. Everything. Next is that the “Crunch Technology” is for real. I thought it was a gimmick but you can really hear your hair being cut and that’s extremely helpful when cutting the back of your head. You know you’re done when you no longer hear “the crunch.” (I don’t even try to look into a handheld mirror while looking into the bathroom mirror.) And the last thing I like is the “stagger tooth” blade. I was a little worried about using the #1 guide because I thought my hair was going to look and feel prickly. It doesn’t at all. My hair looks great and feels surprisingly soft.

    For those who have never cut their own hair before it does take some skill building in your non dominate hand. Just take your time and be patient. After a few times you will get used to it and it won’t feel awkward at all.

    After success with cutting the hair on my head I decided to venture further. In the past, I have tried trimming the hair on my chest/stomach and legs during the hot summer months. I used one of my “manscaping” tools but I never liked the look. The result didn’t look natural so I only did it a couple of times. I put the #3 guide on the Magic Clips and started on the thick mat of fur on my chest. Because of the powerful motor and high quality blade it took probably half the time to trim my chest and stomach than it has in the past. The hair looked thinned out, shorter and, most importantly, natural! The result was night and day from how it looked using the cheaper tools. I’m pretty sure this is due to the stagger tooth blade. Keeping the #3 guide on I moved to my legs and I was equally impressed by how quickly I finished and, importantly, how natural the trimmed hair on my legs looked — still furry and manly but not beastly!

    I popped on the #6 guide and moved to my densely haired pits. The Magic Clips didn’t flinch and plowed right through my underarm hair. I was done with each pit in 2-3 quick and easy passes up and then down. My cheaper trimming tools took longer to slowly cut through the hair, cut unevenly and left long strands behind that I would have to touch up later. The Magic Clips provided a nice even trim.

    Leaving the #6 guide on I moved below to my bush. I had ignored it for a while and it was just about fully grown out. I hadn’t seen that big jungle in years! Again, I was impressed with how the Magic Clip’s powerful motor and sharp blade worked through the thick growth like a weed wacker cutting through kudzu. Several upward passes and several side to side passes and I was done. The result looked great — cleaned up, masculine and presentable, not that well-coiffed, metrosexual look. The motor of the cheaper tools would have strained cutting through that amount of hair and I would have had to work through it a lot slower. As a side note, I did not use the Magic Clip on my bat and balls nor would I recommend it. No way would I want that blade near there. Instead I used a razor to get the equipment smooth and stubble free. I didn’t buy the Magic Clips for manscaping but they do such a superb job that I have thrown away all the cheaper manscaping tools I had. I love to simplify!

    Some of your readers may think all of what I just said sounds like a lot of work and is really complicated. But it’s not. I’m all about quick, easy and effective. There is some work involved at first to determine what works for you. However, once you have it down, your routine is defined and it doesn’t take much time at all. I give my head a fresh buzz every 6-7 days. I pop the #1 on and it takes maybe 15 minutes including clean up and cleaning and oiling the blades afterwards.

    I paid more for the premium Magic Clips than I ever thought I would pay but they have been worth it. They have already paid for themselves (no trips to the barber) and I know they will last for years. I was tempted to get the Metal Edition Magic Clips because they look retro and really cool but I couldn’t justify the extra money. I’m very happy with the standard Magic Clips.

    Since doing the #1 buzz on my head I have received a ton of compliments. People really like the look. My girlfriend loves it! I should have done it a long time ago! Plus I love the easy daily maintenance and the fact that I can wash my face and head in one big swoop.

    I currently don’t have a beard. If I decide to sport one this fall or winter I’ll come back to read your comments on the best beard trimming and detailing tools for sure.

    Thanks again for your informative site and helping me to select a great clipper.

    1. Paolo, hi!

      Wow, that’s a pretty comprehensive feedback from an (obviously) happy user! Glad that me and the other people who left their impressions and comments here helped out. I love seeing people sharing their experiences in the way you just did.

      Thanks for that, and take care! Here’s to a lot of similarly wonderful grooming sessions for years to come. The Clips can be that durable!


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