Wahl Legend: Is It As Good As The Senior or Magic Clip?

Wahl Legend: Is It As Good As The Senior or Magic Clip?
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Wahl’s Legend definitely lives up to its name. Its legendary versatility allows it to be one of the most sensible choices for anyone into soft line fades and precise bulk cuts.

Quite a few barbers refer to it as Wahl Senior’s little brother. There are a few differences between the Wahl Legend vs Senior, though. I’d like to talk about them, as well as how the Legend compares to the Magic Clip.

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I’d like to note that for barbers starting out, I recommend the Wahl Legend combo (check it here). It’s one of the best kits you can kickstart your career with.

I’ve used all three clippers. While I love my 5 Star Senior, there are some small details that make the Legend work better in specific situations:

5 Star Senior

Feel free to navigate to whatever part interests you the most.

Wahl Legend Review:
A brief introduction

Being a part of Wahl’s premium 5 star line, the Legend clipper can’t allow any mediocrity.

We’re talking about tough construction in that 6.25″, 1lb body of a beast. Beyond the design, however, what matters more are the internal components.

Without any doubt, one of the best things about the Legends is the V9000 motor roaring within. Actually, this is Wahl’s cheapest V9000 clipper out there.

Why does V9000 matter?

Power. To go through thick hair or land those bulk cuts, you need your hair cutter to draw enough power. The electromagnetic motor of the Legend clipper allows for that, hidden beneath their good-looking casing:

Legend clipper

This potential for bulk cutting is great – it complements the Legend’s core function as a dedicated fading machine. Two features allow for that:

  • An extended blade lever with wider open position.
  • The one-of-a-kind #2228 Wedge Blade.

On the lever: with normal Wahl clippers, the lever allows adjusting your blade from #000 to #1. Legends have a wider range, which allows you to go all the way to around #1A.

This allows for seamless blending and, paired with the #2228 wedge (crunch) blade – for masterful soft line fades. In terms of performance, this is actually quite similar to what you’d get with the Andis Master.

Wahl Legend Combo
  • Wahl’s best clipper/trimmer combo for budding barbers.
  • Grade A performance at a good price.
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02/17/2024 06:16 am GMT

Wahl Legend vs Wahl Senior:

A 5-Star Battle

So, the Wahl Legend is a fade clipper. At the same time, the 5 Star Senior also has a similar function.

What’s the deal with these two, then?

Several things of note.

First, forget about the standard a.k.a. the #8500 Senior. This is a bulk-cut clipper only, so let’s stick to these 5 star Seniors:

The first – and the biggest difference lies in the blade. 5 Star Seniors come with a #2191 adjustable blade. It’s set closer at #0000 and is aimed at precision and skin fades.

The lever is not that adjustable, but the blade settings allow for extremely close cuts as I’ve noted in my Senior review.

While both blades feature deeper teeth than usual Wahl blades, the #8545 Seniors are also better for clipper-over comb work. They don’t, however, have the same versatility lever so the open/closed positions are more rigid.

The second bigger difference lies in the body and accessories. The Legend is a bit smaller (6.25” vs 6.5” for Seniors) and 20% lighter.

You also get the full range of Wahl guards – 8 altogether, ranging from 1/16″ to 1″. With the 5 star Senior, you only get 3 of them.

Considering the price of the Legend, this saves you quite a bit of money. In fact, even if you decide to go for the Wahl Legend combo, you still won’t pay that much more than a Senior with 8 combs.

Wahl Legend vs Magic Clip:
Corded or cordless?

If I were to compare the corded Magic Clip to the Legends…That would actually be quite similar to the Seniors.

Mainly because the corded 5 Star Magic Clips feature the same #2191 blade. The only difference is that they’re as cheap as the #8147 Legend, and also have 8 combs as included accessories.

I think it’s the cordless Magic Clip where most barbers or pro-oriented home users turn their eyes to.

In my opinion, the cordless Clip is Wahl’s best machine ever considering its performance and price.

While the lever isn’t as flexible as the Legends, the cordless #8148 Magic Clip features a very similar stagger tooth blade aimed at soft fades and intelligent blending:

Magic Clip

Its unmatched advantage lies in two features:

  • The cordless operation with an amazing 90+ minute runtime.
  • The stunningly lightweight body: 10 ounces, or 40% lighter than the Legend!

If you’re a busy stylist, this is going to make a huge improvement over your cuts.

Even if you’re a home DIY guy eyeing some pro clippers, the #8148 Magic Clip will suit you better.

It captures what the Legend is all about, emulates its cutting precision and efficiency, and improves over them with a cordless, light operation. This is convenience at its best, without any sacrifice in terms of cutting power or quality.

Get the cordless Clips if you’re wondering between these two. If you’re comparing the corded Wahl #8451 Magic Clip vs Legends, stick with the latter. This would be my verdict.

Wahl Cordless Magic Clip
  • Unmatched 90+ Li-Ion battery.
  • Lightweight = your hands won’t hurt after a few cuts.
  • Stagger tooth blade delivers smooth fades and blends well with even thicker, curly hair.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/17/2024 06:06 am GMT

A few final words about the Wahl Legend

Wahl’s #8147 Legend is not a perfect clipper. Similar to other V9000 machines, it can get hot and it can rattle from time to time. That’s what you trade power for.

On top of that, the traditional plastic guards from Wahl are flimsy. Similar to how Oster plastic combs are too.

A potential upgrade is just getting the stainless steel guards that Wahl introduced. They’re a cornerstone improvement in how their clippers perform.

As I mentioned, the Wahl Legend combo is a total bargain for beginner stylists or barbers. It pairs the Legend with Wahl Hero, which is a very neat, compact trimmer. Those two will cover most situations even in the busiest of barbershops.

Wahl Legend

However, for precision fading and skin-close cuts, consider the 5 Star Senior. Or, alternatively, if you value convenience and flexibility, go for a cordless Magic Clip.

If you’re interested in a direct comparison between these two, I’ve written an article on that too.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of these clippers!


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