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Discussions about hunting gear can last hours, and there will still be so much left to talk about. And here I am – writing about not one or two, but three different brands!

Oh, man.

So yes, today I’ll be shedding some light on how Sitka, Kryptek and First Lite compare to each other. Frankly, I see a few fundamental differences with their gear you should know about.

Remember the first rule of hunting equipment: you don’t need to stick to only one brand. Mixing is your (and your wallet’s) best friend.

For example, for outer layers I’d recommend getting a Sitka like the Jetstream jacket (Fanatic works well too). Unmatched comfort and element protection for the late season.

When it comes to base layers, First Lite is the merino king with gear like the Chama Qz.

And Kryptek? Early to mid seasons are a breeze with a pair of Alaios pants.

Here’s how I see the main differences between these three brands:

Sitka Logo
  • Sitka
  • Best for:
    Outerwear/shells, rain gear and extreme conditions.
  • Recommended season:
    Mid or late season.
  • Most suitable hunting style:
  • Fit:
  • Price:
Kryptek Logo
  • Kryptek
  • Best for:
    Affordability, variety of patterns/designs.
  • Recommended season:
    Early to mid season.
  • Most suitable hunting style:
    Stalk hunting.
  • Fit:
  • Price:
First Lite Logo
  • First Lite
  • Best for:
    Fantastic merino base layers, underwear and socks.
  • Recommended season:
    Mid season is optimal, base layers allow for flexibility.
  • Most suitable hunting style:
    If used as outerwear, western big game.
  • Fit:
  • Price:

A few questions you should ask yourself first

I never liked flat out comparing hunting gear without taking into account some crucial factors. A few of them here could be:

  • What do you want to hunt?

  • How do you like to hunt? What hunting style are you after?

  • Which camo patterns do you prefer?

  • When do you plan to do your hunting?

  • How much are you willing to pay?

…and some others. Things like hunting style (treestand, western big game), weather conditions (cool, cold or extremely cold, rain or no rain) or your budget are of huge importance. It’s these factors that shape what is best for you.

If we’re starting with money, it’s no secret that Sitka gear has always been rather expensive. Comparing First Lite or Kryptek with Sitka’s prices is like cooking at home and eateing out at a mid-range restaurant.

That said, I don’t agree with some people who say that Sitka is overpriced. It’s just where their gear should be considering its insane construction quality.

Anyways – now that we know the questions, let’s see their answers.

Sitka vs Kryptek vs First Lite gear:
Which works best for what (and when)

Using the comparison chart I posted above, let me go a bit more into detail for each of these three hunting/outdoor brands.

Let’s start with Sitka. 

Yes, their gear is more expensive. However, they also produce the most durable, reliable and resistant to weather conditions gear.

This is why they’re the best choice for outerwear or hard shells a.k.a. protection. Sitka gear will prove to be a bit too heavy for early season and you don’t need to splurge on their stuff in such cases. However, for mid to late season it’ll make all the difference.

Also, no other brand is as great as Sitka when it comes to treestands. Their Whitetail line or the popular Stratus line are top of the top.

If you’re looking for rain gear, their Dewpoint line outshines (ha!) any stuff Kryptek or First Lite can even dream to offer. Lightweight and flexible, it will keep you safe and dry even in a serious downpour.

(Remember that no rain gear can leave you silent on the prowl, though. Don’t expect to move without making some noise.)

Two drawbacks of Sitka. First, their fit can be a pain sometimes. You might need to size up with some of their gear depending on the cut/garment used.

Second, they might feel heavier for early to mid season compared to some other brands. This also depends on your body type, endurance and personal preferences, though.

Hunting gear recommendations: my thoughts on Sitka, First Lite and Kryptek.

Moving on to Kryptek…

Kryptek are not only affordable but a very, very nice solution for early to mid season. Highlander patterns – looking at the legendary Tartaros hoodie, are awesome for that elk rearing its antlers in the early season.

While some of their gear leans on the heavy side, their Stalker camo hunting pants are surprisingly light. As I pointed out before, if you’re into stalk hunting as a whole, getting a Kryptek set will not cost you a fortune and it will be a blast to hunt in.

The main drawback here…I don’t really think their rain or late season gear is as great as other brands’ offers. They’re alright, but that’s it.

Last but not least, First Lite!

Now that’s a tough nut to crack.

Personally – and I’ve seen a few other people echo the sentiment, I feel the First Lite are an amazing way to do your base layering. Shirts, socks, underwear – take your pick.

The secret? Their merino wool is simply amazing. It’s merino for hunting, not just outdoors compared to the merino I discussed in my Woolx/Smartwool etc. article.

It doesn’t scratch, it doesn’t give up on you at lower temperatures, it’s 100% comfort and quality. Here’s a video on the topic, actually:

The Aerowool line – and especially the underwear, are what I absolutely recommend to any hunter. These compression socks are also great, as is the Chama Qz I mentioned before.

Regarding underwear, I’ve heard some people say good things about Kryptek’s Hoplite. No experience here, so let me know in the comments if they really fare better than the legendary First Lite quality.

If you want to use First Lite as outerwear, they are decent at treestands and pretty good for western big game. That said, I’ve seen a few people complain about the quality of stitching and overall durability compared to Sitka.

Wrapping it up

As I mentioned, one of the fundamental things you should remember is that no one forces you to stick to only one brand for your hunting gear.

Mixing them isn’t a sin. Well, as long as you keep the same camo pattern jacket and pants, that is!

Each of these three brands is a reputable, quality one. Thankfully, they do run some discounts/promotions from time to time – be it on Amazon, their official sites or other retailers. You can also always search around for second-hand bargains – especially on Sitka gear.

That said, the fresh feeling of new, unused hunting gear ready to help you conquer the vast outdoors is like no other feeling. 🙂

By the way, if you are wondering why I didn’t include Kuiu in this article – I’ve actually already written something about their gear. Check my Kuiu vs Sitka comparison to see why I consider Kuiu to be great for active hunting.

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