Roundup: Self-haircut tools I recommend for Corona quarantine

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With the Coronavirus out there and us being quarantined at home, a lot of my friends turn to me for advice.

After all, I’ve been cutting my hair at home for years. Recently, I’ve actually been shaving everything off.

I’ve gone through all major brands. Wahl, Oster, Andis – you name it. To this day, my favorite for buzzcuts remains the Remington HC4250.

It was a key player in my first comprehensive home grooming setup:

Why did I like it so much?

Well, its wide blade gave me the freedom to do buzzcuts in 1/3 of the time I’d need with other clippers. In some 4-5 minutes I’d go and cut my hair effortlessly. Small, cordless, lightweight – the Remington HC4250 had it all.

For longer hair or more special cuts, though, it lacked power and versatility.. This is where I’d recommend you to look at Wahl clippers such as the Elite Pro kit.

By the way, here’s the type of buzzcut I nailed with my HC4250:

Wahl Super Taper (the white clipper next to the Remington) was nice, but the years haven’t been kind to it. The reason is that it still runs on the older V5000 motor.

If you’re a home haircut beginner, I recommend you either of these Wahl haircut kits:

  • Wahl Elite Pro (check it here) if you want a stronger motor for thicker hair. It comes with better combs too, covering all haircut sizes.
  • Wahl Color Pro (cordless) – this is a budget take on cordless home haircuts. Not as buzzcut-friendly as the Remington HC4250, but the battery is a bit better. Also, the color-coded hair clipper guides help with remembering everybody’s length.

Either of these three is PERFECT for #coronacut action, or any quarantine haircuts at home.

Wahl Elite Pro

My best recommendation for a home haircutting kit during the quarantine. Powerful motor, very durable and diverse combs too.

Wondering HOW exactly to cut your own hair at home or do your own fade? This video is a very good tutorial that will help you out:

If you want something more professional, consider V9000 motor clippers and powerful models like the Senior.

Here’s my current updated setup (well, most of it anyways).

The lineup has seen some expansion and drastic changes. It reflects me going from self-haircuts to self-head shaving territory:

Here are some self-haircut tools I recommend for your home cuts. Perfect for #coronacuts and self-grooming during quarantine.

So what do we have here?

First, I ditched the Philips beard trimmer for something better. That’s the Panasonic ER-GB80, which is both a hair clipper and a hair trimmer in one. It’s actually pretty darn good, surprisingly so.

I use it for basic home cuts for my friends, and with the other plastic comb I keep my beard intact. The blades do need more frequent oiling than the Wahl Detailer I use for light edging and shapeups/necklines.

The rotary Norelco shaver and the ever-classic Braun 5 are a must have for my routine. I’m balding in a few spots, so I prefer to do a clean shave all over. Neither a wet shave, nor a razor shave, though.

The Norelco’s gentle to my skin, but it does leave more stubble than desired. This is why I follow up with the Braun 5. Alternatively, I can use an Andis Profoil which is more powerful.

The fact I use these tools pretty often means that they get dirty. Obviously, I use the typical maintenance accessories like small tubes of oil or those gentle clipper brushes.

However, the real deal is this blue guy here:

That’s a little container full of the marvelous Extend-A-Life.

It’s an all-in-one blade lubricant, cleaning solution and disinfectant. A must have for any more serious home users, and a barber’s best friend. I’ve actually recommended it to a buddy of mine and he loves it.

The only problem with it is it’s consistency. It can be a little gooey, and thus hard to remove from some hair cutting tools. For example, I’d never use it on my rotary Norelco – it’ll be hard to rinse it off.

But in general cases, it works pretty great. The leftover hair falls down to the bottom, so you don’t even touch it when you dip the blade gently on the surface of the container.

My final must-have is witch hazel. Now, there are heaps of different brands producing this godly skincare sidekick of mine. However, the one I trust the most – and have been trusting over these years, is Thayer’s.

There are many different variations of Thayer’s witch hazels. I’ve tried all of them, and all of them keep my skin smooth, reduce irritation/razor burn after shaving, and minimize any razor bump risks. There are quite a few proven benefits about this skin toner, read up on them.

The best one for me is the Astringent lemon. I keep at least one or two bottles spare at home at all time:

Thayer's Witch Hazel - Astringent Lemon, has been the best skin toner I've used after shaving my head. No razor bumps, no irritation.

So yeah, that’s what I currently use throughout the week. I have a few other clippers/trimmers but it would become a bit too crowded if I introduced everything at once. Next time, I’ll do another roundup. Who knows, by then I might have a new shiny grooming tool to play with!

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