12 gorgeous, must have pink Jeep accessories

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True, Jeep is a beauty in itself. However sometimes you might want to add a personal touch, right? A bit of pink, fitting for the one and only Offroad Queen.

Here are 10 pink Jeep accessories that are nothing less than gorgeous! I’ve gathered some for everyone – from the classic TJ or CJ, to  Wranglers or Patriots.

#1 Start With the Seats:
Totally Covers Pink [JK]

Hot, hot, hot pink! These will get rid of the boring seats and transform them into something fun and classy.

You got a full set of front and back seat covers, depending on whether you pick the 2-door or 4-door option.

Cotton and foam padding will take care of comfort, along with the cute Jeep grille design. Remember to never machine dry them after washing – stick to drip drying instead.

#2 Grab the Pink:
Rugged Ridge Grab Handles

Rugged Ridge is one of the best Jeep aftermarket brands. Good to see them painting it in pink with these classy grab handles.

We’re talking about durable and stylish nylon. No hassle with the installation – a few minutes and your roll bars will be furnished with pink greatness. Optimally used with 2 to 3-inch roll bars, padded or un-padded doesn’t matter.

Looks great:

If you’re driving a Jeep TJ, here’s a great alternative.

#3 Handle with Class:
Handle Covers

Pink Jeep door handles are a thing, but handle covers achieve the same in an easier way. JeCar have manufactured elegance that will require only a few minutes of your time.

Classy pink plastic that is very durable. Why? Because it’s made of chrome-plated ABS and not your usual rubbish plastic. The chrome finish is particularly nice as it makes the covers really stand out.

Just make sure that you clean the surface and pat it dry before installing these. Enjoy!

#4 For Steering Queens:
A Fitting Wheel [15″]

Make yourself comfortable with a little bit of pink under your fingers and have fun driving in elegance. SEG Direct has this total eye-candy made of smooth soft plush. Doesn’t slip so you can focus on the road and explore the world with your Jeep.

The diameter here is 15″ which should fit most of the Wrangler franchise. TJ should qualify just right too.

Great for wintertime as the plush is cold-resistant and will keep your fingers warm. Not that you can’t use it during other seasons, of course!

#5 A Cool Hood Decal:
Coza US in Pink

A decal that won’t occupy your whole hood, but will surely leave an impression! A modest size of 21.3″ x 34″. Easy to put on, hard to peel off.

Not much to say here – it looks great and lasts. You should also get a free decal of the US flag. The freebie is small and not pink, but you can still find a use for it.

#6 Get Your Shine On:
LED Halo Headlights
[Wrangler 07-13]

You didn’t think I’d skip on something as important as headlights, did you?! Oracle Lighting’s pink babies are ultra bright, come with a lifetime guarantee and fit well as long as you have a Wrangler 2007-2013.

An important note: in some states driving in non-standard colors is illegal. This set has a dual-color mode. You can switch between the standard (white) to its custom pink colors.

Check your local laws on when/where you can ride in these pink lights. They’re gorgeous and will last you quite a bit – Oracle mentions 60 000 hours of continuous use as the limit.

#7 For Hardcore Use:
D-Ring Shackles [JK/TJ]

D-Rings are a must-have for any fan of the great off-roads. These Billet4x4 3/4″ shackles not only gorgeous – they also pack quite the punch.

Manufactured as powder-coated beasts and able to cope with a work load of up to 9500 lb which is quite respectable. Pin diameter is at 7/8″, so we’re talking standard sizes here.

If you’re into hot pink, this neat little Jeep accessory is a must. Always good to have shackles around for possible vehicle recoveries…

#8 More Than Dials:
Button covers for audio/AC

It’s crazy how something so small changes the whole mood. In 3 small pieces, Danti sends you into an ambient pink Jeep interior.

The dials are made of aluminum alloy for some extra durability. You don’t need to drill or tinker around, but you might need a tiny bit of glue to keep them intact.

This neat accessory is good news for Jeep Compass owners looking for pink accessories as there aren’t many fun mods for this model.

#9 Overlay the Emblem:
Hot pink decals
[Cherokee 14-18]

I didn’t list anything for the Cherokee yet, so I thought you’d appreciate a bit of decal fun. Simple, but more than stylish, these come in hot pink color too.

The set of vinyl decals are meant to be placed on the Jeep emblems on the liftgate and grille. The grille looks especially great, as you can guess.

Not much to say here – just be careful when slapping these on your ride. They look awesome.

#10 Keep Your Keys Close:
Injection Fob Case [JK]

Durable, beautiful and PINK! This fob case is made of extra tough ABS plastic that is also impact resistant. Works like a charm and looks even better.

Not too bulky and the design is actually appealing, no clunkiness to see there. Don’t be surprised if your friends ask you ‘Hey, where did you get that cool gadget from?!’

#11 Wearing the Jeep Style

OK, I admit that these are not Jeep accessories per se. Rather, they’re something you yourself can wear in pink…to show your love for anything Jeep.

There’s this T-shirt which is quite funny and well-designed:

Oh, and it’s also made in the US. 100% quality cotton that won’t fall apart after you run it through a few laundry cycles.

Who said that pink and Jeep can’t coexist on a baseball cap too? The brand has this vintage style cap with an adjustable metal buckle for your comfort:

Phew, I think we’re done here. Which one did you like the most?

Also, obviously there are dozens upon dozens of other possible pink accessories for Jeep. I couldn’t possibly include all of them. For example, I’ve written about sunshades before – there are hot pink or light pink variations of them too!

If you’ve seen or installed something pink and interesting, let me know in the comments.

Even better – show us some cool mods!

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