Dewalt Tool Box With Wheels Review

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Tool boxes are essential to any handyman or craftsman’s arsenal to help you get the job done as best as possible. We have a great tool box with the best craftsmanship you can ask for when it comes to the protective case for your tools.

This tool box from Dewalt comes with many great features added to make your life bearable when on the job. You will find that this tool box we are reviewing will meet many of your needs and any expectations you may have.

Let’s walk through the features of this great tool box from Dewalt and see how it will benefit you.

Dewalt Tool Box With Wheels

You will not go wrong with anything made by Dewalt when it comes to the best possible quality and craftsmanship. Tool users worldwide trust this manufacturer to provide them with only the best you can ask from your tools.

As their logo says: guaranteed toughness is what you will get from these high-quality tool boxes provided by Dewalt.

Who Is It For?

Anyone needing a safe place to store their tools will benefit from this handy tool box. This is also especially handy for those who need to move the tool box to different locations, such as motor mechanics and other artisans.

Workshop technicians or the DIY at home will also benefit from using this tool box to store their tools safely and securely. Anyone working in the maintenance industry can use this very handy tool box with wheels to keep their tools safe all the time.

What Is Included

Included in this box, you get the tool box with all the different storage options available for storing all your necessities. You also get the large wheels added and a telescopic handle to pull it around with.

It is designed so you can add more boxes on top of the base tool box to add more storage.

Overview Of Features

You have quite a large storage space in the main storage compartment to keep all your tools safely. The latches that secure the lid are made from durable metal for improved security and safety.

The top handle is made from durable materials and has an ergonomic grip to make it easy to carry the box. The telescopic handle slides smoothly, so you can easily use it to pull the tool box around and reset it when done.

Large and durable 7-inch wheels are added to make it easy to pull the tool box over uneven terrain without hassle. A space to add a nameplate is provided for quick and easy identification.

Opening the latches of this tool box is a bit difficult, which is good but a bad thing if you are in a hurry. The plastic materials used in constructing this tool box are not strong, so you can not store heavy tools in it.

Short List Of Features

  • Large main storage compartment
  • Strong and durable latches to keep the lid secure
  • Durable bi-material handles added for carrying the tool box
  • Ergonomic grips were added to the handles for easy carrying
  • Smooth sliding telescopic handle
  • Large and durable castor wheels
  • You have a nameplate added

How To Use It

Using this tool box from Dewalt is a straightforward operation and will not require much of a learning curve.

  • Simply unpack it from the box it comes in
  • By lifting the latches at the front, you can open the main compartment
  • You can stack more boxes on top and secure them with the side latches
  • Release the telescopic handle and pull it out if you want to move the tool box around


  • It comes with a large main storage space
  • A simple and secure latching system
  • Strong and durable caster wheels added
  • Easy telescopic handle for pulling


  • It is a bit difficult to open the lid
  • The plastic may break with harsh handling


416FRwiGsAL. SL500

A worthy alternative to the Dewalt tool box is the Stalwart Rolling tool box which has wheels and comes with a lot of storage added. It has two large 4.2-inch wheels to make it easy to maneuver over all surfaces without problems.

It is made from durable plastic and metal materials to make it last much longer and keep your tools safe. You will also find a lot of extra storage compartments so you can easily manage the tools and accessories you carry with you.

The easy and ergonomic handle added to the toolbox can fold out of the way when you do not need to move it around.


Overall, we have to say that the functionality and storage space make this toolbox with wheels from Dewalt a sought-after commodity. You will look far to find an evenly durable toolbox with all the great features added to make your life much easier.