Best Oil Filter Wrench

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For the best performance of your vehicle, it is essential to replace the oil filter when you replace your car’s oil. It would be best if you had the proper tools to get to that awkward position where the oil filter is attached.

In this review, we look at some of the best oil filter wrenches out there and how they can help us. Not all oil filter wrenches are made equal and have a nice strong grip, so we look at their different characteristics and features.

Stay with us and find out whether these top-quality oil filter wrenches can get the job done to make your life easier.

Comparison Chart

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WORKPRO 12″ Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers, Oil Filter Wrench Adjustable Oil Filter Removal Tool, Ideal For Engine Filters, Conduit, & Fittings, W114083A
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Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench for Toyota Camry, Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner, RAV4 and More – 64mm 14 Flute Precision CNC Machined Aluminum Oil Filter Removal Tool
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ARES 56041 – Adjustable 3-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench – 2 1/2-Inch to 4 Inch (63mm to 101mm) Capacity – Use with 3/8 or 1/2-Inch Drive Ratchets or 7/8-Inch Wrenches – Carbon Steel Construction
41KhJUiSGAS. SL500
DURATECH 12 Inch Oil Filter Pliers and Universal Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench Removal Tool, 2-Piece
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Lisle 57010 Import Oil Filter Swivel Wrench

Best Oil filter Wrench Reviews

The Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench From Workpro

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You receive these oil filters from the manufacturer with all the necessary protection, including the oil in the bag, to keep the rust away. They are made with durability in mind and designed to make your life much easier while servicing your car.


It is designed so that you only need use a little bit of force to loosen the oil filter. The bent angle makes it easier to use on even a stuck oil filter with minimal exertion.

To improve the overall durability of this oil filter removal tool, it is made from high-carbon solid steel. This steel alloy provides strength and reliability to the wrench to last for a very long time.

A soft non-slip grip will make it much easier to hold onto it if you struggle to get the filter loose. It provides a solid, firm grip even if there is some oil spilled on the wrench’s handle.

The non-slip feature of the oil filter removal tool will also make it a bit easier to work in small and tight places. Materials used in the manufacturing of this wrench, including the handle grip, are made from environmentally friendly materials.

You get up to three adjustable wrench sizes with this wrench to use it on different size ranges of oil filters. The jaw capacity of the wrench is from 2 and ⅜ and up to 4 and a half inches(60 to 102mm).

To properly use this oil filter wrench from Workpro to remove the oil filter will need some getting used to. This is especially the case when you need to tighten a new filter. You might press too hard and dent the filter.

It is also quite stiff when you use it for the first few times and will not easily adjust larger or smaller. After many uses, it will loosen up, and it will be easier to adjust, but that may take some time.


  • It is excellent for a stuck oil filter and tight spaces
  • The wrench comes with a non-slip grip
  • High-quality materials are used in construction
  • It will easily fit on most oil filters


  • It requires a learning curve
  • The pliers will be stiff to adjust at the beginning

The Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench

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From Motivx, you get nothing else but good quality and durability in all their automotive tools and equipment. That is because of the many years of experience they have in manufacturing tools for all types of cars.


This type of oil filter removal tool will efficiently work on the filter housing of various engine sizes. This includes the 1.8-liter engines and the larger cylinder engines up to the 5.7-liter engine capacity.

It will prevent cracking breaking of the tabs found on most filters which may cause leaking of oil. This simply means that you can now work clean and prevent accidental damage to the filter as it is with standard wrenches.

This Motivx Tools oil filter wrench is compatible with most late models of a wide range of vehicles for easy filter removal. That is because the wrench fits perfectly over the top of the oil filter for more comfortable leverage when removing it.

When using these oil filter wrenches, you have a two-drive option to make it much easier for you in the workshop. It is made from durable aluminum materials to make it durable and strong but lightweight for easy use.

The oil filter wrench has an anodized finish to prevent corrosion of the tool to make it last longer. It is designed to be a professional oil filter wrench and can be used by anyone who needs to remove a filter.

The design of this oil filter wrench means that you need a ratchet and socket wrench or a standard wrench to turn it if you need to work in tight spaces and do not have a lot of room to turn the wrench.

It is also ideal for removing the oil filter from the vehicle and not installing the new filter. Even though this type of oil filter can be tightened by hand, it still takes away some of the usability of this wrench.


  • Anyone can use it on many different makes of vehicles
  • Solid jaws for increased force even in tight spaces
  • One can use it with a wrench or ratchet and socket
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


  • It might be a bit difficult to work with it in tight spots
  • One can only use it to remove an oil filter

The 56041 Adjustable 3-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench From Ares

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Ares’s universal oil filter wrench is made with many years of experience and high-quality craftsmanship you can trust. They are available in various sizes and come in a wide range of configurations to make your work so much easier.


This wrench is designed to fit on most spin-style oil filters between 2-½ inches and 4 inches in diameter. That is because of the 3-jaw design of the wrench, so it can easily fit on this type of engine oil filter cap.

It is made from very durable carbon steel, so it will last for a long time to increase the longevity of the oil filter removal tool. It will provide you with many hours of easy filter replacement because of the improved solid grip option.

It does not matter whether you work with a small type of filter or a larger one. The cam action makes it easier to fit. It is designed to tighten when you turn the wrench for a much more efficient filter removal option.

This design will make the job of replacing different brands of oil filters much easier for even the amateur and DIY enthusiast. A black phosphate finish will prevent easy rust and corrosion from adding to the durability of this oil filter remover.

 It is a versatile wrench that is valuable to any automotive workshop. A great feature is that one can use it for the oil filter removal of many different vehicles.

The way this wrench works to remove the oil filter will make it awkward to use in tight spots. It would help if you learned how to operate it not to damage the oil filter while replacing the new one.

The wrench may easily dent it and even break the oil filter housing when you replace a new filter. This will render the oil filter useless, and you will need to spend more money on a new one.


  • One can use it with both ½ inch and ⅜ inch ratchets 
  • It fits on most types of oil filters
  • Made with high-quality materials, making it a heavy-duty oil filter wrench
  • It comes at an affordable price


  • One will need to learn to use this wrench to remove and replace filters
  • It might damage the oil filter housing

The Duratech Oil Filter Wrench Set

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With both the plier’s tool and the universal adjustable oil filter wrench, you have versatility within easy reach in the workshop. You have no less than two tools at your disposal to make your life so much easier at a very affordable price.


With this classic-style wrench set, you have everything you need to remove the oil filter from most vehicles on the market. You have the universal oil filter removal wrench and the strong plier tool to easily remove and replace the filter.

The serrated jaws of the plier tool make it easy to obtain a tight grip on the oil filter while loosening it from the vehicle. This also means you do not need to use force while gripping it, even if the oil filter is stuck.

A long handle on the oil filter plier allows for superior grip when you need to remove a stuck filter. It also comes with a non-slip firm grip for easy gripping and will not slip easily to prevent you from getting hurt.

Both these wrenches are made from very durable steel to improve the overall durability of the tools. It is made from hardened steel, so it will last longer and comes with a rust-resistant coating to further increase its lifetime.

Having these tools at your disposal will make the job of any technician much more accessible. They Are designed to be used by both the professional and the amateur.

If you remove a tight oil filter, you may easily dent it if you do not use the right amount of force. This will take some time to get used to and might cost you more money if you have to replace a broken filter.

To adjust the size of this oil filter wrench might be a bit difficult with the tight operation of the jaws. This means that every time you need to adjust the size of the wrench, you need to use a bit of force.


  • It is compatible with most vehicles for easy oil filter removal
  • It is made from solid and robust steel materials
  • It is made with an easy and tight adequate grip
  • It is safe to use with a lock nut to secure it


  • The plier tool might dent the oil filter casing slightly
  • It is not easy to adjust

The Lisle 57010 Standard Oil Filter Swivel Wrench

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Superior craftsmanship makes this the ideal oil filter strap wrench for all workshops and garages at home. You will be able to use this wrench to remove a wide variety of oil filters from different vehicles for many years to come.


The narrow ½ inch band makes it easy to fit in tight spots to increase your access to any oil filter. This is great while you need only this one tool to remove the oil filter from most vehicles with it.

Bonding texture allows superior gripping motion when you use this to remove the stubborn oil filter on your vehicle. The solid and perfect grip it provides means that it will not slip easily when using greater force with a stuck filter.

For working in tight spots, it is equipped with a swivel handle to maneuver it in small spaces easily. The handle can swivel more than 180 degrees to make your job of removing the oil filter a bit easier.

A tension-adjusting nut will help to prevent the swivel pressure from changing by itself for much better control. Many additional grabbing options are added to improve the gripping of the wrench while using it.

The handle grip comes with specially designed tabs to prevent it from slipping in your hand. This increases the overall safety feature and prevents you from getting hurt.

It is tricky to adjust this oil filter wrench when you need to use it with smaller or even larger filters. This one will also only work great with filters of 2.375 inches and up to 2.625 inches in size.

This means that you will have to have more than one side of this wrench if you are a professional technician. This will increase the cost and the number of tools you will need to work on different sizes of oil filters.


  • It is easy to reach hard to reach oil filters
  • It comes with a very durable built
  • It is available in different sizes and configurations
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to use


  • The adjustment of this wrench is a bit tricky
  • It is a bit small for the larger oil filters


The Duratech set of oil filter removal wrenches is a significant number one choice with great features to make your job much easier. The Motivx tools oil filter wrench is a bit more expensive, but one can easily use it with many different models of vehicles.