Best Metal Toolbox of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Whether you’re a DIYer or a professional handyman, you need a suitable container for your tools and related accessories.

Part of the job is organizing the equipment you often use so that there’s less occurrence of loss and breakage.

That’s why it’s essential to have the best metal toolbox to store your tools of the trade.

Many prefer metal as the primary material for their toolbox because of its strength and durability.

Comparison Chart

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GoPlus Portable 5-Tray Cantilever Metal Tool Box
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BIG RED ANTBD133-XB Torin 20″ Portable 3 Drawer Steel Tool Box
31kw+ 0VdaL. SL500
Torin ATB101B 19″ Hip Roof Style Portable Steel Tool Box
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DEWALT Tool Box Tough System

Best Metal Toolbox Reviews

1. Goplus Steel Cantilever Toolbox

41RAgE2QITL. SL500

There won’t be many manufacturers that exceed what Goplus offers when it comes to home items.

From Christmas trees to exercise equipment, the company has a diverse collection of products made for all sorts of purposes.

The Steel Cantilever Toolbox is undoubtedly a reliable solution for tools and parts management.

Product Highlights

This 20-inch red toolbox from Goplus is a brilliant choice for you if you have a lot of tools lying around.

Here’s what you can expect from this storage option:

  • Classic Aesthetic

Do you prefer classic metal toolboxes? That’s all the more reason to opt for the Goplus Steel Cantilever Toolbox.

The monochromatic color scheme, traditional shape, and metal construction are reminiscent of the good old times.

  • Impressive Capacity

To accommodate several items, this toolbox boasts five trays that guarantee easy access.

You can store up to 66 pounds worth of gear and parts inside, making it one of the top choices for different essential trade tools.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction

The heavy-duty toolbox has a solid steel construction to ensure maximum durability and strength.

You will also find the full-length steel handle quite useful. It can carry the toolbox without bending, which is a testament to its high-quality construction.

Furthermore, every steel structure is protected by a long-lasting powder coat paint that promotes outstanding longevity.

The coating makes the toolbox easy to clean while preventing scratches and providing chemical resistance.

  • For Amateurs and Pros

Whether you’re working on your house or for a client, it’s essential to ensure that the equipment and accessories you’re using are always at your disposal.

Otherwise, you would be spending a good chunk of your time just finding which tools you should use.

There’s a good chance you will lose or misplace them if the storage you have doesn’t promote proper arrangement.

The Goplus Steel Cantilever Toolbox is designed to keep your screwdrivers, wrenches, drill bits, and other items more organized.

It offers the most effective approach to organizing your frequently-used tools.

The Good

Despite its relatively complex construction, the Goplus Steel Cantilever Toolbox only requires a couple of steps to assemble.

As such, you’ll be able to store your precious tools and accessories in no time.

The Bad

The locking tabs look a bit fragile, and the hole where the lock is supposed to go could be a tad too small.

A wider hole can accommodate a padlock with a thick shank, which will make the toolbox more secured.


  • Spacious design
  • Great visibility
  • Convenient tray construction
  • Opens and closes effortlessly


  • Might be better if there were dividers
  • Steel thickness is not ideal

2. Torin BIG RED ANTBD133-XB

41spmBsZqEL. SL500

Torin is an automotive equipment manufacturer that focuses on making jacks, cranes, engine stands, and related accessories.

It operates a couple of sub-labels: Big Red, Blackjack, and TCE (Torin Commercial Equipment).

Under the Big Red label comes the ‎ANTBD133-XB, a toolbox designed for heavy-duty use.

Product Highlights

This steel toolbox from Torin exhibits a variety of notable features that make it a solid addition to anyone’s workshop.

  • Corrosion-Resistant Build

Made of heavy-duty gauge steel with a corrosion-resistant powder coat finish, this box is sturdy and solidly built for enhanced durability.

While this construction is standard for steel toolboxes, many would no doubt appreciate that it still uses old elements.

  • Security Mechanism

You won’t have to get a separate lock to secure the toolbox’s contents because two steel latches help seal it and keep your tools safe.

While it may not be given as much protection as a standard lock can, it’s still enough if the toolbox doesn’t leave your workshop anyway.

  • Drawers

To properly store your tools and accessories, the ‎ANTBD133-XB comes with a top box and a series of drawers.

These drawers are outfitted with ball-bearing slides for an excellent glide operation.

The Good

For small tools and parts, the Torin ‎ANTBD133-XB is an excellent choice due to its style.

You can easily store or get a particular item in the toolbox since the drawers and top box are readily available.

The Bad

When carrying the toolbox, the drawers tend to come out if you forget to secure the latches or your angle is not straight.

You have to ensure that everything checks out while in transport.


  • Inexpensive
  • Not too heavy
  • Sturdy
  • Good overall quality


  • Very prone to dents
  • Latches look thin and flimsy

3. Torin ATB101B

31kw+ 0VdaL. SL500

When it comes to automotive equipment and accessories, Torin offers products across multiple categories.

Among its most recognizable tools are its shop creepers, service jacks, and engine stands.

For storage, you’ll find the ATB101B worth checking out. It is a hip roof-style, portable hand-away toolbox perfect for every mechanic and handy worker.

Product Highlights

As an ideal toolbox for amateur DIYers and professional mechanics, the Torin ATB101B offers some notable features.

  • Hip Roof Style

The upper structure of this toolbox exhibits a cover that slopes downward from each side.

It is inspired by the popular style of roofing widely used in American homes about two centuries ago.

While it may not bring significant benefits to storage quality, it’s more aesthetically pleasing than a standard flat design.

  • Color Scheme

Like most toolboxes on the market, the Torin ATB101B features a dominant black color on its exterior.

However, the interior tray bears a different color, which is gray.

  • Storage Options

Unless you make some modifications, you have two ways to store your equipment and accessories in this toolbox.

There’s the removable polyethylene tray that can handle small tools and the main compartment to keep your larger equipment safe and secure.

The Good

Weighing 5.14 pounds, the Torin ATB101B is relatively lightweight.

Other steel toolboxes will give you a hard time carrying them around due to their weight, but this model will not cause such inconvenience.

The Bad

It would be challenging to tag this Torin product as the best toolbox because of the lack of variety for storage.

As it is, your options are the main open space and a small cache provided by the gray storage tray.


  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for light hobby materials
  • Relatively sturdy


  • Metal box quality could be better
  • The latch can bend easily

4. DeWalt DWST08204 ToughSystem

51 nRmPdYzL. SL500

When it comes to home maintenance equipment, there’s no denying that DeWalt is one of the most well-known brands.

From power equipment to storage solutions, it offers unique features and performance at a reasonable price.

The DeWalt DWST08204 ToughSystem is ideal for you, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced handyman.

Product Highlights

DeWalt ensures that this metal case has sufficient features to accommodate the ruggedness that comes with doing construction work.

  • Remarkable Latch Quality

Compared to other models from competitors, DeWalt designed its latches to be long-lasting.

With their latch-resistant properties, you can trust that the metal latches will secure the contents for years to come.

  • ToughSystem

The DeWalt DWST08204 is part of the ToughSystem series, the brand’s answer for storage requirements.

This modular storage solution is for pros who need exceptional portability through outdoor and harsh conditions on the job site.

You can stack multiple ToughSystem toolboxes, which allows for easy transport.

  • Strong Handle

The DeWalt DWST08204 has a handle that enables you to carry around your tools and accessories without straining your hands too much.

  • Tool Protection

When working on-site, it can be tricky to predict the weather you end up being exposed to.

To ensure that the toolbox can handle different environments, DeWalt designed the DWST08204 to have protection.

It has an IP65-integrated water seal that safeguards the content from the elements.

Also, the four-millimeter structural foam wall gives the box a solid, durable construction.

  • Security

Besides the metal latches, the DWST08204 offers additional security. The box is secured to the frame by a central locking mechanism.

The Good

The DeWalt DWST08204 features a padlock eye on its lid for maximum protection of your tools.

As such, you have the option to use a padlock in addition to the metal latches to secure your belongings.

The Bad

Compared to other options, you might find this toolbox lacking some aesthetic appeal due to its relatively rugged exterior design.

While this is not a deal-breaker for storage quality, it would have been better if there were some eye-catching qualities.


  • Reasonably-priced
  • Ample storage room
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • The handle’s durability is not ideal
  • Bulkier than others

5. Craftsman 3-Drawer Chest Toolbox

41PvvCbrUEL. SL500

For many years, Craftsman’s extensive collection of power and hand tools has helped many accomplish their projects.

Be it a simple repair job or a full-on DIY shed, you can trust Craftsman to have the essentials you need.

Among these are their toolboxes, as is evident in the models included on this list.

Another impressive Craftsman creation is their 3-Drawer Chest Toolbox.

Product Highlights

With its many notable qualities, there’s no doubt that this toolbox from Craftsman is worthy of a spot in your workshop or job site.

  • Three Drawers

Like other toolboxes here, this chest toolbox also features three drawers.

The compound-action drawers can fully extend open and close effortlessly, making it easy to take tools in and out.

  • Tool Accessibility

Occasionally, the drawers could close by themselves by accident.

To minimize such occurrence, the hinge on the cover keeps the lid open, which allows you to access your tools more smoothly.

In contrast, these drawers will lock automatically whenever the lid is closed.

  • Content Security

Like most toolboxes, the Craftsman 3-Drawer Chest Toolbox features two latches to secure the contents inside.

Thanks to this, you should find no problems carrying the toolbox from one job site to the next.

Besides those, the padlock hasp and staple provide additional security.

The Good

Even at first glance, you can see that this Craftsman toolbox has an exterior design that stands out more than other standard options.

Its black drawers and silver lids add sophistication to the otherwise ordinary construction.

Plus, the iconic bright red surface means you’d be able to quickly locate your toolbox among the sea of tools in your workshop.

The Bad

You have to be somehow physically fit to carry around the Craftsman 3-Drawer Chest Toolbox, as it weighs a little more than 19 pounds.

As such, even when the toolbox is not full of tools, it requires more effort in moving it from one place to another.

Then again, such a weight only speaks to the box’s heavy-duty construction.


  • Sturdy feel
  • Consistent quality with older models
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks well-made


  • Could feel a bit off-centered
  • Drawer alignment might not be ideal

Buyer’s Guide

Compared to other kinds of toolboxes, a metal toolbox is recommended because of its durability and wear-resistant properties.

Besides that, here are other aspects you should highly consider:


When purchasing a toolbox, the most crucial element to consider is storage space.

After all, you are buying it for that purpose. Your choice should be based on how and what you want to store.


The durability and construction of the box are essential because this relates to the degree of protection it can provide to your tools.

Highly consider a box with waterproof and rust-resistant properties, especially if you are regularly operating in harsh conditions.

Security Features

It’s common for metal toolboxes to have steel latches to secure the contents inside.

While the effectiveness of such is debatable, it would be better if the box you’re choosing could accommodate a padlock.

Latches could be sufficient in locking the toolbox in your house. However, having a padlock with thick shanks is a reasonable precaution during on-site work.

Metal Toolbox FAQs

1. How do you clean a metal toolbox?

Got a filthy metal toolbox? To clean it, start by placing an old newspaper or magazine on the floor and emptying the contents onto the paper.

Using a cloth dipped in a household cleaning agent, gently scrub the box’s exterior.

Next, grab a different towel and soak it in paint thinner. Use that to clean the interior.

With a clean cloth, start wiping away any excess cleaner or thinner. After that, return all the tools you dumped on the newspaper earlier.

2. What metal are toolboxes made from?

The majority of tool storage systems are made of painted steel. However, some expensive models are made of aluminum or stainless steel.

3. How to protect your mental toolbox?

Since the primary enemy of a metal toolbox is moisture, ensure that yours have minimal contact with water at all times.

It’s highly advisable to install rubber bumpers or a sheet of rubber underneath the toolbox so that it will not be immediately exposed.

You can also put rubber sheets or foam on the bottom of the drawers to protect the interior from corrosion.

4. Which items should you put in a metal toolbox?

A toolbox should have screwdrivers, bits, a measuring tape, Allen wrenches, a crescent wrench, a utility knife, box cutters, and pliers.

If you can put some small power tools like an electric drill and nail gun, that’s better.

5. What is the price range of metal toolboxes?

You can avail a metal toolbox for as low as $16 or as high as $635.

More than anything else, expect the price to go up or down depending on the manufacturer, storage space, build, and other features.

Which Metal Toolbox Tops the List?

For the best metal toolbox, we won’t hesitate to choose the GoPlus Steel Cantilever Toolbox over the others.

Its classic cantilever-style build not only keeps your tools organized but also makes it easier to find the item you’re looking for.

Furthermore, you can stack it with other similar toolboxes, making it easier to transport.

The alloy steel material also means it will last for a very long time.