Best Lithium Jump Starter

Best Lithium Jump Starter
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Finding out the battery in your car is dead can be a nuisance, if not a safety risk. Relying on other motorists to help jump-start your car with jumper cables may not always be an option. As such, all motorists should have a portable jumper in their vehicle to get going as soon as possible.

This article will be looking at some of the best lithium jump starters in the market.

Comparison Chart

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NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box, Car Battery Booster Pack, Portable Power Bank Charger, and Jumper Cables For Up To 6-Liter Gasoline and 3-Liter Diesel Engines
51HGWvCSH9L. SL500
HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter 2000 Amp 20000mAh Car Starter for up to 8.5L Gas and 6L Diesel Engines with LED Display 12V Lithium Portable Car Battery Booster Pack (Space Gray)
51x pjSXHLL. SL500
Nexpow 2000A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0 (Up to 7.0L Gas or 6.5L Diesel Engine), 12V Portable Battery Starter, Battery Booster with Built-in LED Light
41QZ7kEG1vL. SL500
Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter – 2000A Peak 18000mAH (Up to 10L Gas or 8L Diesel Engine) 12V Auto Battery Booster Portable Power Pack with LCD Display Jumper Cables, QC 3.0 and LED Light
412cnWYjFwL. SL500
LOFTEK Portable Car Battery Jump Starter (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine), 12V Power Pack Auto Battery Booster with Built-in LED Light, Red

Best Lithium Reviews

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

41759uYLNXL. SL500

With 12-volt batteries, the GB40 is compact enough to make it ultra-portable and lightweight. It has enough power to jump-start cars about 20 times on a single charge. The NOCO Genius Boost is safe enough for just about anyone, thanks to its spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. Its functionality does not end with cars but extends to charging your phone, tablets, and other USB-powered ports.

Products Highlights

  • Features spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, making it safe even when you accidentally make incorrect connections.
  • The NOCO Genius Boost can jump-start an engine about 20 times on a single charge due to the lithium-ion batteries. You can jump-start a dead battery in just seconds making it very powerful. 
  • The NOCO boost is rated for 6-liter gasoline and 3 liters for diesel.
  • Designed for multi-functionalities. Besides jump-starting engines, you have the option of also charging your power bank, LED flashlights, or even powering a 120-Psi Air compressor.
  • The battery also has an LED flashlight integrated to dish out 100 lumens of light. The flashlight also has seven separate light modes, including emergency strobes and an SOS.

What We Like

We like how safe the battery is. Ill-constructed batteries can be dangerous, but thanks to the spark-proof technology and the reverse polarity protection on this unit, they can be used without the risk of fire. It offers consistent performance with a stable cycle, enhancing the battery’s lifespan.

The portable jump starter is very effective, with a capacity of 1000 amps. This allows it to jump-start a car about 20 times on a single charge. It is also rated for a 6-liter gas engine and 3 liters for diesel vehicles.

We like how compact and lightweight the battery is, holding 1000 amps in its small form factor. This makes it great for people looking for a small portable jump starter to carry around in an emergency. Its small size also means it takes up very little space in the glove box.

With the massive amounts of juice, you have the opportunity to power different devices from a cigarette lighter, smartphones, tablets, LED flashlights, or any devices powered through dual USB output ports. It also features seven lights with a 100-lumen rating and emergency strobe lights.

What We Do Not Like

Although the capacity is high, it can run out quickly when the starter is not well stored, leaving you with a dead car battery. 


  • Lightweight and compact fitting in a glove box
  • The battery is safe
  • Has versatile performance with various accessory charging options
  • Features a stylish yet modern design
  • It also has a 100-lumen LED light, strobe lights, and even an SOS signal


  • Discharges quickly


51HGWvCSH9L. SL500

This battery jump starter can be used in large vehicles thanks to its 20,000 mAh capacity and a current peak amp of 2000. Because of its large capacity, the Alpha 85 can jump-start large vehicles, including cars with V12 engines, 8.5L gasoline engines, or 6 liters for diesel. The giant capacity can jump-start vehicles about 60 times, making the portable car battery jump a great lifesaver.

Product Highlights

  • The battery features over nine types of protections, ensuring the risk of fires, misoperation, and electric sparks are minimized.
  • This unit has a large capacity of 20,000 mAh and a peak current of 2000A, capable of jump-starting cars about 60 times on a single charge. 
  • It has a large display that will show all the information you need when operating the battery.
  • The battery charges quickly thanks to its patented 65W high-speed charge. This allows it to go from 0% to 100% in less than five hours.
  • It has a rugged build featuring an IP65 rating, allowing dust and water resistance.
  • The battery also features a 12-volt outlet for the 10 mAh battery bank for charging various devices like smartphones, laptops, and even tire inflators through additional ports.

What We Like

One of the best features of this unit is how it charges quickly. Thanks to its patented 65 W high-speed charge technology, it can go from 0% to 50% in less than 1.5 hours. This means you can charge the jump start battery at a gas station when going on long road trips, which enhances its convenience.

We like the versatility of having several 12V, 10-amp ports to power various 12V DC devices like smartphones, laptops, or even tire inflators. It is powered by a large 20,000mAh battery bank. Apart from charging devices, the battery pack also has a flashlight with three different modes.

The IP65 rating means the battery is rain and dust-resistant. It is also drop-resistant, alleviating some of the anxiety of handling the machine. Finally, it’s encased in a rubber coating to prevent damage on any surfaces it is placed on.

What We Don’t Like 

The battery can be large and bulky because of the heavy lithium packs needed to achieve its high capacity. This can make it harder to lug around, especially for people looking to use it outdoors.


  • The unit charges relatively quickly
  • Features a display that delivers all the vital information
  • It has a high capacity of 20,000mAh and a peak current of 2000A
  • Can be used to charge other devices such as flashlights and mobile phones
  • Safe to use thanks to its 9 types of protection, including reverse polarity and spark-proof technology
  • The battery features an IP65 rating that makes it resistant to dust and water


  • Too large and bulky to move around

Nexpow 2000A 

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This lithium battery is built to be as easy to use as possible. It has a 2000 amperage which means you can power up any car. The battery can jump-start all vehicles up to 7-liter gasoline engines or 6.5 liters for diesel engines. From a full charge, you can jump-start up to 20 cars.

Product Highlights

  • It has a high capacity capable of jump-starting a whole host of vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and yachts, even in extreme temperatures.
  • The battery also features sophisticated safeguards to protect users from sparks or even fires.
  • It has a quick discharge start power jump starter whose current is about 3 to 5 times the current generation.
  • The battery comes with 12V ports that can charge other devices like tire inflators, an array of cell phones, and a power bank.

What We Like

We like the novel quick discharge start technology. This allows the battery to jump-start just about any vehicle, even in extreme weather. The innovation makes the battery more reliable regardless of where you go, making it great for long-distance road trips.

With spark proof and reverse polarity technology alongside other safety features, you can use the battery without fear of fire. It has lights and speakers that flash and beep, alerting you to incorrect terminal use. It also protects against overloading, which significantly lowers the risk of fire. 

We like the battery’s large capacity, which delivers a peak current of 2000 amps. The battery can jump-start fairly large engines up to 7 liters for gasoline and 6.5 liters for diesel. The battery can jump-start a car 20 times from a full charge before running out of power.

What We Don’t Like

When charging or in use, the battery tends to heat up and is hot to the touch. Though it does not catch fire, it causes concern, especially when leaving it to charge overnight. The key is to always keep an eye on it when charging.


  • High battery capacity
  • Advanced safety features
  • It’s quick to start thanks to the quick discharge technology
  • Comes with an LED flashlight


  • Tends to heat up when charging

Imazing Portable Car Jump

41QZ7kEG1vL. SL500

The company behind this battery has invested a lot of money since 2013 to develop and produce new lithium solutions for climate change. They believe that green energy and its storage will lead to a future where we achieve climate neutrality. The battery from this development is finding use in various vehicles, from trucks to yachts.

Product Highlights

  • Has an array of safety features and proper certification that reflects its safety.
  • The battery charges very quickly through a power inlet USB port and outputs the power just as fast through a discharge USB port.
  • The battery’s large capacity can jump-start a car about 30 times. Its peak current of about 2000A allows it to jump-start large engines like snowmobiles.
  • The battery comes with an inbuilt flashlight featuring an SOS system and strobe lights.

What We Like

We like the battery commitment to universal USB port connections. Being the most common port in use, the battery becomes very convenient as it can be used through available cables. Having an integrated USB-C connection, the battery can receive charge rather quickly compared to the competition. It also outputs power as soon as it uses USB-C ports too.

We like that it has adequate capacity to make it useful even on long trips. It can jump-start a car about 30 times and start 10-liter gasoline or 8-liter diesel engines. On a full charge, it can jump-start just about any vehicle.

The battery’s flashlight comes in handy, especially in emergencies. It has three different modes: the flashlight, the SOS, and a strobe light. The bright LED light can be a great lifesaver, especially outdoors or when traveling.

What We Don’t Like

The software used in the battery is buggy. It tends to shut down and restart for no apparent reason. The software issues undermine an otherwise great experience with the battery.


  • Has a large capacity
  • Feature comprehensive safety features
  • Supports fast charging
  • Has an LED display to give relevant data
  • Features a portable design


  • The onboard software is unstable

LOFTEK Portable Car Battery

412cnWYjFwL. SL500

The LOFTEK is an excellent portable lithium battery charger with a modern compact design to enhance portability. It is great for use in low temperatures as it is specially designed to excel in all environments. It is beneficial in an emergency, as it can serve as a lifeline in that situation.

Product highlights

  • Very capable with a peak current of 1000A
  • Can work in very low temperatures (under -4 degrees Celsius)
  • Includes advanced safety features
  • The battery can be used to charge automotive accessories

What We Like

We like that one can use this battery without worrying about electrocution or fires due to its electrical safeguards. The unit also features innovative technology that will start cars even in the most extreme circumstances. Using the new QDSP 3.0 technology, the vehicle can start up at -4 degrees. 

The battery is also compact and highly portable, making it easy to store in the compartments of your vehicle. Moreover, it includes USB ports that let you charge other devices such as mobile phones. 

What We Don’t Like

The USB ports features are not the standard size. This might be a problem for people in some areas of the world. This can make it less useful as a power pack because it limits the number of devices that can be charged.


  • Has advanced safety features
  • The battery has a high amperage capacity
  • Versatile as it can charge other devices
  • The battery is sturdy, working in extreme temperatures
  • Highly portable due to its compact dimensions


  • Has non-standard USB ports

Final Verdict

Looking at the options above, we would have to say the Noco Boost Plus GB40 is the best lithium jump starter battery. It fulfills the user’s needs while implementing technologies to help it stand out, which makes it great for emergencies. The Nexpow also shines in the innovation space with the special discharge system that delivers greater current making it more capable in the cold. For those looking for longevity, you cannot go wrong with the HULKMAN, with its peak amperage at 20,000. It’s imperative to have it in the emergency kit during long trips.


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