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Jigsaws are essentially saws with reciprocating blades that help cut irregular curves. Working jigsaw blades are used to cut materials like stenciled designs, metal, wood, and other materials. Furthermore, present contemporary tools are electrical and have high degrees of portability, making them more efficient and convenient for you to use.

As you seek to invest in a power tool like the jigsaw, it is essential to consider many features that may affect the tool’s convenience and ease of use. These primary considerations are the orbital setting/action and speed adjustment. Other minor factors to consider are the cut depth and motor power. The features have a significant effect and will benefit your cutting project. Therefore, read along to equip yourself with valuable knowledge as we compare the best jigsaw of 2022.

Comparison Chart

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 4.5 -Amp with IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Clamps, One-Handed, Mini Bar, 6-Inch, 4-Pack (BDEJS300C & 1964758)
511PVTQqSjL. SL500
DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS334B)
41Fi2csGNNL. SL500
Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw, Tool Only
41D KgXovvS. SL500
PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Jig Saw, Tool Only (PCC650B)
41 LeE0dUOL. SL500
WEN 33606 6.6-Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw with Laser and LED Light

Jigsaw Reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 4.5 -Amp with IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Clamps

With this Black and Decker product, you get a cordless jigsaw that is among the most affordable you will ever come across. However, this does not imply that its quality is any less than others in the market. It includes every essential feature you would want in your jigsaw.

Nonetheless, you should note that it is only ideal for simple tasks. It is not your go-to tool if you are a handyman professional.


This jigsaw offers you a decent output thanks to the 20V battery that powers it. It is sufficiently decent for cutting through various materials such as metals, plastics, and wood. It has a maximum speed of 2500 strokes per minute though it could have been more. But these speeds are fair, provided its reduced cost.

You control the jigsaw speed thanks to the variable speed trigger positioned right under the handle. You can change speeds by depressing or pressing the variable speed dial, which is as simple as moving a finger.

Some users have complained that the manufacturer could improve the battery life. The battery does not last for as long as deluxe options, though it serves its purpose. If you have a short burst working pattern and not extended working durations, the battery pack in this jigsaw will serve you sufficiently well.

The bevel capacity of the Black and Decker jigsaw is rated 45 degrees. With this, you can make multiple directions and angled cuts as per your preference without using different tools. It is a perfect jigsaw for various tasks such as plunge cuts, curved line cuts, and precision cuts, proving its versatility despite its reduced cost. Though the blade clamp is keyless, the show bevel is not. But this should not trouble you, bearing in mind the excellent machine functionality.

Another additional feature packed within this jigsaw is the inbuilt dust blower that regularly cleans your working space. You get to save a considerable amount of time on the actual task. Furthermore, the featured LED Light is ideal when working in low lighting conditions or tight spaces.


  • Variable 45-degree bevel shoe
  • The jigsaw model is more affordable than similar models
  • Tool-free hot blade change
  • High speeds at a reduced cost
  • Features inbuilt dust blower


  • It gets loud at elevated speeds
  • The battery life could be improved

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jigsaw

511PVTQqSjL. SL500

The lightweight DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jigsaw makes the cordless jigsaw an easy-to-use handheld tool with outstanding functionality and features. It is a high-end power tool worth more than some higher-priced cordless and corded models. It has dimensions of 8.25 by 1.75 by 6.38 inches, a weight of 4.2 pounds, and uses a voltage of 20V.

The motor running the saw is brushless, ensuring that the cordless jigsaw provides an efficient performance as you enjoy an extended battery life. The control and grip this jigsaw affords you will delight you as its LED lights add to your convenience while working in dimly lit environments. A variable speed dial and trigger provide you with accurate speed control, and bevel stops are available at 0 degrees, 15 degrees, and 30 degrees.


The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw operation is powerful and runs on a single stroke length of 0 – 3000 blade strokes per minute. The machine offers excellent versatility, letting you cut through various materials of varying thicknesses. The adjustable speed trigger gives you control over the speed of the jigsaw.

By pressing harder against the trigger, you can get the blade to work faster. You could argue that this might be a shortcoming of the tool as it leads to reduced speed control, unlike the control dial. However, this cordless DEWALT jigsaw features a metallic shoe bevel to enable you to bevel the shoe left or right to a maximum of 45 degrees. Furthermore, it is fitted with three orbital actions for you to choose from.

The convenient design of this cordless jigsaw has a signature yellow brand color. Its handles are rubberized to give it a soft feel against the hands and reduce the number of high-speed vibrations. As a result, its handle is ideal for small and large-handed people. 

The trigger is placed strategically and conveniently, letting you regulate the speed with minimal effort. Additionally, this jigsaw weighs approximately 5.1 pounds, making it heavier than others on the market. Nonetheless, its dimensions are sufficiently compact to spare you the trouble of storing it.

An additional feature with the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw is the incorporated dust blower for cleaning the working area. It lets you concentrate more time and effort on working and significantly less time overcoming debris and dust. In addition, it offers you enhanced visibility for higher accuracy cuts each time. However, its jigsaw blade is among its shortcomings. Due to the keyless blade shift mechanism, it sometimes wobbles at high speeds and thicker materials. However, you will not experience this issue if you use T-shank blades, so you should go for such a blade.


  • Superior quality construction and long-lasting materials
  • Its ergonomic handle is ideal for small and large-handed individuals
  • You have the option of choosing from four available orbital settings
  • Enhanced visibility with the illuminating LED


  • It may be rather costly, though worth the expenditure
  • Wobbles at elevated speeds

3. Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

41Fi2csGNNL. SL500

This cordless jigsaw is the perfect option if you are a user searching for the best value for your money. Though its price is relatively affordable, it is a reliable jigsaw that will serve you well for years. The Makita brand offers the most extensive 18V cordless lineup of tools globally, and the XVJ03Z is a crucial member.


The operation of this Makita jigsaw is reliable as the tool has a brushless motor to provide stable performances without any issues. It is durable and might not require a replacement despite how long the machine serves you. Furthermore, it has a design that prevents overheating even when using it for extended hours.

Additionally, the Makita features a six-speed trigger, a decent addition for a tool within its price range. It has speeds that can go up to 3500 strokes per minute. Regardless of the hardness of the material you are cutting, this Makita jigsaw cuts through all materials like an expert. It also features triple orbital settings from which you can choose.

The lithium-ion battery of the jigsaw is highly durable and is appreciated for its extended life expectancy. Therefore, you will not need to recharge the batteries frequently. Nonetheless, bear in mind that the Makita has an exceptionally high RPM. Therefore, you should expect to recharge its batteries if you regularly use the jigsaw.

Extra features of the product include the locking mechanism that eliminates the need to keep gripping it while working. Though the feature may not appear that significant, it reduces hand fatigue and offers you the opportunity of resting between cuts. Once you buy the tool, you also receive LED lights for working in low-light environments. A dust blower is also available to prevent wood debris from settling on the surface.


  • Soft and ergonomic handles
  • Offers high-speed cutting
  • Features a locking trigger system
  • Cuts through all materials regardless of the hardness
  • Extended battery life


  • Reduced battery life as a result of increased blade speeds
  • Frequent usage necessitates regular recharging

4.  PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Jigsaw

41D KgXovvS. SL500

The PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Jigsaw is an affordable, easy-to-use, lightweight cordless jigsaw. It is the tool of choice for amateurs or a handyman with regular work. However, you do not have to be either to reap the complete benefits packages with this tool.


One of the standout qualities of the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Jig Saw is its ease of use. The tool presents several customization options you would never think you would find at this price range. Furthermore, the saw’s lightweight gives you optimum control of your aggressiveness. With this saw, you get tool-free blade releases, eliminating the need for additional tools. In addition, it has an adjustable speed trigger to control the saw speed and match it to how hard it is pressed on.

Each of these features accounts for the ease of use of the PORTER-CABLE. You will have precise control over how every cut emerges. Additionally, making all the necessary adjustments is accessible without stopping the saw.

The convenient design gives the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Jig Saw easy maneuverability due to the over-molded handle, contoured to accommodate different hand sizes. As a result, you will not experience hand fatigue even when you work for hours. 

The light weight of this saw also accounts for its easy handling. With a weight of 4.5 pounds, only a handful of lighter saw options are decent enough for you to consider. Among the design’s shortcomings is its bulky shape due to its oversized dimensions. The size might make it hard for you to store, but this should not be an issue if you use it often.


  • Amateurs will find it easy to use
  • Includes triple orbital settings
  • Easy to maneuver due to its light weight
  • Allows precisely controlled cuts


  • The battery does not last very long
  • Inconvenient storage size

5. WEN 33606 6.6-Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw with Laser and LED Light 

41 LeE0dUOL. SL500

You might imagine that all jigsaws have an identical design language. Unfortunately, you will be wrong to think so since not every jigsaw will share an identical design. For example, this WEN 33606 has a particular standout design. Judging from its outward appearance, it is a fun-to-use device.

However, it has some great internals to help you cut a wide range of material types. First, its all-black look gives it a special touch. Secondly, the button placements add to its ease of use. Therefore, judging by its design, it is a win-win situation. It is among the most compact yet contemporary-looking jigsaws.


This WEN jigsaw has excellent raw power for cutting various materials. Beginning with the inbuilt electric motor, it has a 6.6 amp motor rating and guarantees you sufficient torque. Additionally, it can offer from 0 – 3300 blade strokes per minute.

Furthermore, its electric motor features adjustable speed control. Therefore, you can cut various materials without any challenge. You will appreciate the raw power offered by this jigsaw, more so if you are an enthusiast. The saw also features many convenient add-ons. 

The comfortable grab handle makes using the saw easy. In addition, it is fitted with non-marking shoes that aid in preventing scuff marks on your workpieces. Furthermore, its quick-release blade functionality enhances its convenience.

By pressing a button, you get to change the blade. However, this is not the end. You also receive a lock on the power switch that helps lock the power switch and concentrate on cutting. In addition, an LED laser guidance functionality is available with the tool. Switch on the LED lights while working in dimly-lit conditions.


  • Power-packed features
  • Amazing tool for beginners
  • Inbuilt laser light
  • Dual bevel angle support
  • Features an instrumental dust blower


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • It does not have a storage case

Final Verdict

A jigsaw is a beneficial and handy tool to have, either as a DIY enthusiast or a professional. Having the tool at your disposal will aid you in cutting curves and shapes of all types. It can be employed on intricately carved woodworking tasks, to design straight craft cuts, and step up to cut metal, wood, tile, and laminate items. However, to reap maximum benefit from the jigsaw, you will have to get the right power tool. Consider the Black+Decker Compact Saw Cordless Jigsaw if you search for a cordless jigsaw with LED lights to illuminate your working surface.