Best Carpenter Tape Measure: Reviews With Comparisons

Best Carpenter Tape Measure: Reviews With Comparisons
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Whether an amateur or a pro, every handy worker should have at least one tape measure in his toolbox.

Tape measures are an extremely useful gadget you use in a wide range of applications, including clothing manufacturing, masonry, carpentry, and more.

In a nutshell, it is a portable measuring device used to determine the size of an object and measure a surface’s dimensions.

With that in mind, let’s review these five products to determine which one is the best carpenter tape measure.

Best Carpenter Tape Measure Reviews

CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, 25 ft (CMHT37216S)

$18.00 ($1.50 / Ounce)
  • Compact build
  • Ease of use
  • Accurate
  • Tape extends easily
  • Sturdiness could be better
  • Durability concerns
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/17/2024 09:37 am GMT

Craftsman is proud of the origins of its home improvement tools, lawn, and garden maintenance equipment, and storage solutions.

More often than not, their products’ assembly is done in the United States, with materials outsourced from all around the world.

However, one of its well-received products, the Craftsman CMHT37212S, is made in Thailand.

Product Highlights

Let’s talk about the Craftsman CMHT37212S’s most notable aspects to see if it’s worth considering.

  • Self-Locking Blade

Thanks to its reliable locking mechanism, this measuring tape has a blade that stays in place when stretched.

To keep the blade fixed at whatever possible length you prefer, simply activate the switch. You then do the same if you wish to retract it.

The auto-locking mechanism provides smooth, gentle retraction to prevent the hook from slamming into the case, making the item user-friendly and long-lasting.

  • Rubber Overmold

Holding a tape measure is not a complex action, but it could be problematic if your palm or fingers are tired or sweaty.

To minimize slippage and make it easier to hold, the Craftsman CMHT37212S comes with a rubber covering.

This ensures a secure grip, which could be helpful during summer jobs or when the ventilation is less than ideal.

  • Warranty

If the CMHT37212S fails to operate due to material flaws or quality, Craftsman will replace it via its Limited Lifetime Warranty.

That said, you’d be more confident about your purchase since the quality is essentially guaranteed.

The Good

You will like that this tape measure comes with a belt clip, convenient if your hands are preoccupied with other tasks.

With this, you can secure the Craftsman CMHT37212S on your belt and keep it within reach at all times.

The Bad

The small size could make it challenging for some to read the numbers.

If your vision is not very reliable, you may want to consider a different tape measure.

Komelon SL2825 Self Lock 25-Foot Power Tape

  • Nylon-coated blade
  • Affordable
  • Feels well-made
  • Numbers are easy to read
  • Plastic packaging could be challenging to remove
  • Tape is a bit thinner than average
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/17/2024 10:02 am GMT

The Korean company Komelon was established in 1963 in Busan as a measuring tools manufacturer.

Whether you’re looking for fiberglass tape or professional LED tape, this company has it all.

If you’re a carpenter, there’s no doubt you will benefit from using the Komelon SL2825, a 25-foot measuring tape.

Product Highlights

The Komelon SL2825 is a must-have tool for anyone who enjoys home improvement projects.

Here are reasons why it deserves a place in your toolbox:

  • Imperial Scale Blade

Despite the metric system being widely used elsewhere, the United States is one of the few that still use the Imperial Scale.

If you’re born and raised in the US, chances are you’re more comfortable using an imperial scale measuring tape.

The Komelon SL2825 has this type of measuring system.

  • Automatic Blade Lock

Like most other reliable tape measures, the Komelon SL2825 also features a self-locking blade.

Since the blade locks itself, you won’t have to engage any locking mechanism to secure the measurement it shows.

It has a single button that lets you easily control and retract the blade.

  • Ergonomic Rubber Case

The smooth, rubberized case ensures enhanced grip, durability, and impact resistance. Moreover, it’s an ergonomic casing, making it easy to hold.

The Good

For improved visibility and style, the Komelon SL2825 features a bright green color.

The button is also in the same color, making it easier to locate.

The Bad

The automatic locking of this tape may require some getting used to.

Usually, a standard tape measure has a different button for activating this feature.

eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure, 16 Feet

  • The blade is stronger than it appears
  • Versatile
  • Battery included
  • Automatic shut-off
  • The lock button can be hard to push
  • Durability not ideal
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/17/2024 11:26 am GMT

eTape16 is a relatively new company that aims to make home repairs and improvements easier.

Its product catalog is not as diverse as others. Instead, it focuses more on quality and accuracy.

The ET16.75-DB-RP Digital Tape Measure is one of the brand’s highly-rated releases.

Product Highlights

With its numerous impressive qualities, it’s no surprise that many users prefer the ET16.75-DB-RP over other choices.

  • Digital

This eTape16 is more than just a classic measuring tape. It offers digital readouts that everyone will find easy to use.

When you extend the blade, the screen will present the measurement to make it more effortless to read.

There’d be no need to write the reading because there is a save function.

Even better, you won’t have to calculate because it is programmed to convert measurements and determine midpoints.

When measuring a tight space, there is no need for you to bend the tape.

By using the rear of the gadget as the starting point, you’d be able to measure those corners with ease.

  • Precise Measurement

The ET16.75-DB-RP makes measuring easier, more dependable, and more precise.

You’ll be impressed by what this digital tape measure can do, especially when compared to a standard tape measure.

  • Modern Build Quality

Aside from its innovative capabilities, the eTape16 has a sleek modern look.

Its exterior is composed of polycarbonate plastic and can withstand rough conditions.

The Good

Regardless of age or skill level, everyone would appreciate this tape measure.

The huge digital display makes it easier to see the measurement, and the three memory functions are helpful in certain situations.

The Bad

Saving the readings and adjusting the settings should have been made more intuitive.

Unless you have carefully read the instructions, figuring out the functionalities by yourself will be challenging.

CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, 25 ft (CMHT37325S)

  • Reasonable price
  • Not too heavy
  • Accurate
  • Modern look
  • Tape tends to bend a bit
  • Belt clip durability issues
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/17/2024 11:40 am GMT

Craftsman manufactures tools and equipment for everyone, from DIY enthusiasts to professional carpenters.

The company has been the Sears’ tool brand for about a century before getting acquired by Stanley Black + Decker in 2017.

If you’re looking to build your DIY tools collection, the Craftsman CMHT37325S is definitely a worthy buy.

Product Highlights

Anyone who does carpentry needs a tape measure in his arsenal, but here’s why the Craftsman CMHT37325S is a smart choice.

  • Hard-wearing Blade

Since the blade is more exposed to outside elements than any other component in a tape measure, it’s crucial to ensure its durability.

The longevity of this tape measure is increased by the use of a durable blade coating.

  • Improved Grip

The sheet of rubber on the side of the Craftsman CMHT37325S is not just for aesthetics.

Rather, it promotes grip for easier handling of the device.

  • Easy To Read

This device has a one-inch-wide tape with prominent, easy-to-read markings.

As such, both DIYers and professional carpenters will find using the tape measure more convenient.

The Good

If you want a visually appealing tape measure, check out the Craftsman CMHT37325S.

The chrome finishing exudes sophistication and style, making it one of the best-looking entries on this list.

The Bad

Unfortunately, some slippage could occur because the locking mechanism of this tape measure is not very high-quality.

Because of that, you have to exercise caution when using the slide button.

Spec Ops Tools 16-Foot Tape Measure

  • Generous hook size
  • Printed on both sides
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Not visually impressive
  • Can be quite tight on the belt or pouch
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Spec Ops began in 2018 when two Army vets agreed on a venture to support first responders and veterans.

Today, the company has established itself as a prolific maker of high-quality hand tools.

One of its best yet is the SPEC-TM16, which promises compact military precision.

Product Highlights

When it comes to ease of use, this Spec Ops tape measure compares with the best in the industry.

  • Compact Build

This tape measure is suitable for pocket carry or for those looking for portable measuring devices for everyday use.

With robust, military-grade composite housing, it is up to 20 percent more compact than competing 16-foot tape measures and up to 50 percent lighter than its 25-foot variants.

  • Length

This tape measure’s sturdy, genuine 10-foot blade highlight provides optimal reach.

In addition, the 360-degree blade hook offers complete control while recording long measurements.

  • Blade Features

The SPEC-TM16 uses a and 1/4-inch MIL-X coated blade, which provides optimal durability while ensuring excellent visibility.

Its bright, white blade helps make precise measurement reading in low-light conditions possible.

The Good

This tape measures retract its blade strongly and quickly.

As you can imagine, this is beneficial if you prefer finishing your measuring tasks as quickly and accurately as possible.

The Bad

Sadly, the exterior does not come with a rubber cover, which could affect the grip.

Its small size could also be an issue during use since you might find it challenging to hold the item after some time.

Buyer’s Guide

As a beginner in the trade, it can be easy to overlook the overall quality of your tape measure.

Then again, since accuracy is one of the most important aspects of any carpentry project, we aim to help you find the best of the best.

There are several choices available, making it tough to pick the measuring tape you need.

Let’s look at some essential factors to consider when shopping for a measuring tape for carpenters.


The blade’s length is undoubtedly a significant factor because the tape will be worthless if you get a blade shorter than you need.

Hence, always try to get a longer length to maximize its usage.

Auto-Locking Blade

When measuring by yourself or in a confined place, tape measures that automatically lock themselves when pulled are quite helpful.

You won’t have to remember or write down the measurement if it has an auto-locking mechanism.


The markings on the blade are important. If it’s not labeled properly, the measurement you’ll get will be incorrect, which could jeopardize your project.

Also, the readings must be highly visible so that you will quickly recognize the numbers even at a distance.

Carpenter Tape Measure FAQs

1. What are the parts of a tape measure?

A standard tape measure consists of a hook, blade, case, belt clip, and locking mechanism.

2. How to use a tape measure?

To use a tape measure, pull the hook from the case and latch it on the edge of the object you’re measuring.

The measurement is determined by the number on the edge of the tape measure.

Once you’ve noted it, unhook the blade and push the lock to release it. Make sure you allow the blade to retract to the case slowly to avoid accidents.

3. Is it necessary to keep the tape measure away from moisture?

No tool with metallic materials should have consistent water exposure.

Any water on the blade is drawn back into the case once it retracts.

Water may rust the blade and other internal mechanisms, ultimately affecting its functionality.

4. Why do tape measures twist?

Retracting the blade too quickly might cause it to twist, wrinkle, and rip.

That’s why it is important to control the blade’s retraction sequence, which will cause the twisting more unlikely to happen.

5. What unit of measurement does a tape measure use?

As mentioned, most tape measure models in the United States use imperial units or feet and inches.

However, almost all countries worldwide utilize the metric tape measurement system.

Which Tape Measure Is Best for Carpentry?

There’s no doubt that the Craftsman CMHT37212S is the best carpenter tape measure on this list.

The self-locking blade and the rubberized case make it a helpful tool you can use on all your projects.

For cutting-edge features, such as digital display, memory options, and measurement conversion, you can check out the ET16.75-DB-RP Digital Tape Measure instead.

It is more expensive than the others, but its capabilities can very easily justify the hefty price tag.


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