Best Brake Pads & Rotors for Nissan Altima (and Quest)

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I know that some people like Nissan for their SUVs like Murano or Pathfinder. However, for me the Altima has always been a true classic and one of the best sedans out there.

Sedan or SUV, when your brake pads get all rusty and lose their bite, it’s time for a change.

What would be the best brake pads and rotors for Nissan Altima, though?

There are plenty of options – Akebono, Stoptech, even ACDelco…

Personally though, I think the most optimal and close to OEM setups are exactly two – Bosch QuietCast and Wagner QuickStop (check prices). Let’s look at them one by one.

The Bosch works fine for Nissan Quest too.

Bosch QuietCast Rotor

Great complement to the QuietCast brake pads for your Nissan Altima.


First option:
Going for a full Bosch QuietCast setup

This would be my top recommendation. This also works well as a brake pad configuration for 2004-2017 Nissan Quest models too.

Here are the rear pads that fit 2002-2017 Altima. Fronts are trickier – this kit is for 2013-2017 Altima, shop around for earlier models.

Follow up with QuietCast rotors if your rotors have also gone kaput. Here’s the right one that covers Altima models from 2002 to 2016 for your convenience.

Bosch QuietCast Rotor

Great complement to the QuietCast brake pads for your Nissan Altima.


Why QuietCast?

First, surprising as it might be, Bosch are actually the OEM manufacturer for a lot of Japanese vehicles. The Altima performance isn’t an exception here, they’ll fit right in.

Second, these are manufactured with a multilayer shim (the core is rubber). The shim is OE style, with the multiple layers taking care of noise insulation, as well as providing improved durability.

The best thing is that these not only stay quiet – they also remain cool due to their ceramic material.

I won’t lie – the price is quite attractive too, as well as the fact that you get the whole hardware you’ll need to install them. A lot of other brake pad kits require you to shell out a bit more cash for lubricants and whatnot.

The conclusion is clear. This is the most price-sensible, well-performing setup for your Altima. For sedan cars, the QuietCast pads are fantastic. Something I already covered in-depth in my review of the product line.

Second best Nissan Altima brake pads & rotors:
Wagner QuickStop

Modern vehicles are no stranger to Wagner, one of the brands with the most diverse brake pad technology.

If you want something that emphasizes on stopping power, a QuickStop brake pads setup is your new best friend.

What’s the deal with them? Why are they better when it comes to stopping?

Look closely at their pads:

What you see here is friction material spread all over the OEM-style pad. Paired with a 100% post-cured process, instead of simple scorching, this translates to improved stopping performance.

These will not be as quiet as the Bosch alternative. They might squeak from time to time. However, if you value snappier brake bites, you’ll be more than satisfied.

Once again, you get the lubricant with the pads themselves. Saves a bit of money, which is always welcome, right?

As far as rotors go, Wagner have a factory replacement rotor for Altima models too.

Personally, I think Wagner rotors are a bit better than QuietCasts. Both of them are protected against corrosion, but the proprietary E-shield coating from Wagner is a liiittle bit better.

If you prefer to go for another brand for the rotors, I’ve seen people go for ACDelco too.

How to replace Nissan Altima brake pads and rotors?

The thing with brake pads is that they’re not really that hard to change. Some people prefer to go to mechanics – which can easily cost you as much as the replacement parts themselves.

Others go the DIY route and spend a few hours tinkering around, until they’re done.

I firmly believe in the fact that a video is worth a thousand words. Therefore, I’d recommend you watch this video on replacing the front brake pads on an Altima. The process is similar on the rear too:

Hope this short article helped you out! As I mentioned, there’s plenty of other brands you can go with. Out of them, I’d vouch for Akebono pads the most – even though they’re a little bit more expensive.

Still, the two options I wrote about here are the most cost-efficient and close to OEM setups, in my humble opinion.

And while we’re on the topic of OE – I also have a post on the best option for Altima spark plugs. Check it out if you’re on an aftermarket parts shopping spree!

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