Best 3 Ton Floor Jack

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When fixing your car, it is important to find the right equipment because using the wrong tools can make the damage worse. A 3-ton floor jack is one of the most common kits in a motor repair shop. Professional mechanics and amateurs alike must take care to find a floor jack that works to deliver quality service to their clients.

This article will go through some of the 3-ton floor jacks available in the automotive tools market and point out which among them is best.

Comparison Chart

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Pro-LifT F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack Car Lift with Blow Molded Case-3000 LBS Capacity
BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Extra Saddle (Fits: SUVs and Extended Height Trucks): 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red
41WWEd7W5CL. SL500
Aain Heavy duty 3 Ton Floor Jack, Steel Hydraulic Service Jack Quick Rise With Double Pump Quick Lift, Blue HT3300
41IrrGleKEL. SL500
Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack with Dual Pump Pistons & Reinforced Lifting Arm (A20018)
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JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack | 3 ½ Inch Minimum Saddle Height | Lightweight Construction | 360 Degree Rotating Saddle

Best 3-Ton Floor Jack Reviews

Pro-Lift F-23 Grey Hydraulic Jack

51lj6HMLENL. SL500

The Pro-kit F-23 is best in class in quality and innovation in the lifting equipment industry. It is designed for professional users with a huge emphasis on quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process. The Pro-Lift meets the user’s needs while ensuring the maintenance costs are kept significantly lower.

Product Highlights 

  • Rust-resistant frame construction made from welded steel
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to the large steel casters
  • Great sturdy handle for enhanced control
  • It has a minimum height of 5.25 inches and a maximum lift height of 12 inches 

What We Like

The floor jack is durable thanks to its high-quality construction. The steel jack is rust-resistant ensuring service well into the future. This makes it attractive to automotive shop owners as a business investment.

With the 360-degree swivel caster, the jack is capable of a lot more maneuverability. Users can get more productivity from the enhanced convenience since they can move the jack a lot more easily. Users do not have to deal with the hassle of having to lift the machine every time they want to change direction.

The handles made from top-quality iron are elongated for extra leverage. This allows you to expend little effort to maneuver the machine. This contributes to reduced fatigue and increases productivity among workers.

What We Don’t Like

The carrying case is wanting, although it makes it easy to store the machine. It comes apart relatively easily leaving the user with a floor jack exposed to the elements.


  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Ease of maneuverability
  • Convenient as it can maneuver 360 degrees
  • Easy to store


  • Poor quality carrying case

BIG RED T83006 Floor Jack

Typically, floor jacks tend to be big and troublesome to lug around and store. The size and the 3-ton weight limit make the BIG RED nearly perfect for automotive repairs. Its compact design also makes it easy to fit under low vehicles and SUVs.

Product Highlights

  • The hydraulic pump trolley jack is built with heavy-duty steel for durability
  • Has a 3-ton capacity
  • Lifting height range of 8-20 inches
  • Compact design makes it easier to move and store
  • Features a bypass system that is meant to prevent overloading
  • Features a built-in handle

What We Like

The capacity of the T83006 floor jack makes it stand out in the automotive market. The 3-ton limit is enough to lift regular cars and trucks. This gives the sturdy floor jack a lot of productivity as it can be used in a wide array of fields.

This aluminum jack is built to last for decades with a little bit of maintenance. This is due in large part to the high-quality materials used in its construction. Being a piece of industrial equipment, it is built to weather the day-to-day intensity of daily use.

The typical vehicle jack is safe to use thanks to its bypass device designed to prevent overloading. Typically, a sturdy floor jack will have a slight margin of error on the weight capacity. Exceeding the indicated limit could be dangerous as the load could topple and hurt someone.

The trolley is built for precise control. Using the handle, you can make very accurate lifts, giving the user a lot of control over how they work. This precision is thanks to the impressive craftsmanship employed by the manufacturer alongside the high-quality construction materials.

What We Don’t Like

This jack can start to leak after about a year of use. A floor jack is a mechanical device that uses oil to push pistons that consequently lifts the load. Once it starts to leak, its effectiveness is greatly diminished and requires fixes or even a replacement.


  • High-quality construction
  • Large lifting capacity
  • Very accurate
  • Ease in movements
  • Raises for more than 8 inches making it great for use under SUVs and other vehicles


  • Tends to leak after some use

Aain Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor Jack

41WWEd7W5CL. SL500

This jack has the latest 3-ton quick-rise lifting technology on the market. This is most evident in its quick start technology. With a single stroke, the hydraulic floor jack can move up three times the lift you can get from the standard jack.

Product Highlights

  • The floor jack is built for stability and rigidity. This is achieved through the durable steel body that houses the machine. This combination yields a lot of power which is convenient for the user.
  • The Aain Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor jack complies with ASME PASE-2014 standards for safety.
  • It features protection against overloading. Once the maximum capacity is exceeded by 120% a release valve kicks in and prevents extra loading.
  • It has a two-piece handle that helps with fatigue by easing the effort needed to operate it. Since the handles are longer, the leverage helps the floor jack accomplish its task with less effort.
  • It features a cushion on the saddle meant to protect the vehicle. The saddle pad cushion prevents direct contact between the metal frame which could damage the vehicle and the jack.

What We Like

This 3-ton jack has long handles that ease its use. Its two-piece handles generate a lot of leverage making it easier to move around. Since the user need not expend too much effort, the floor jack lowers fatigue.

The build is quite impressive. It has a high-quality steel body that guarantees it will keep its robust and durable frame. The durable construction makes the floor jack more powerful, increasing its convenience as it can be used in environments other jacks cannot function.

The floor jack comes with an internal safety valve. Once the capacity of the floor jack exceeds 120%, the bypass valve kicks in and more weight cannot be loaded on it. This makes the floor jack that much safer as overloading can be dangerous and end up hurting people.

Users can be at ease as road vehicles will not get damaged seeing they will be on a rubber saddle. This creates a cushion between the metal frame of the jack and the point of contact with the vehicle. This ensures there is no damage from abrasion when the lifting mechanism is in action.

What We Don’t Like

The jack does not come with an instruction manual. While this may not be a problem for professionals who understand how the machine works, it is however not very friendly to people new to the machine.


  • Easy to use thanks to its long metal handle
  • Vehicle protection cushion to protect cars when in use
  • Safety release security valve to prevent overloading
  • Capable of large lift range
  • Ease of movement


  • Does not come with a manual

Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminium Floor Jack

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If you need a quality floor jack, then you cannot overlook the Arcan 3-ton jack. The floor jack combines new-age engineering and reliability to create a floor jack that meets all the user’s expectations and then some. It is made of the highest quality aluminum, comparable to the kind used in the manufacturing of planes. This makes it very lightweight without sacrificing strength and creates a maneuverable easy to work with even with heavy loads.

Product Highlights  

  • Made from quality aircraft-grade aluminum construction to ease maneuverability
  • Features dual pump pistons that enable a rapid pump
  • The lifting arm is reinforced to increase its strength and durability
  • Feature a side lateral handle to ease the jack positioning
  • The hydraulic car jack has the capacity to lift heavy weights

What We Like

The high-quality aluminum allows the floor jack to not only be very durable but also keep it lightweight. This enhances the utility of the floor jack as it can easily move to where it is needed fairly quickly. The jack is great for busy automotive shops as they can get more done in less time.

It has dual pistons that allow the floor jack to quickly raise itself. This also makes it easier to rise to greater weights without having to expend too much effort. This gives the floor jack an extra level of convenience as it can be used in more situations where it would have been impractical to lug around a regular floor jack.

With a reinforced arm, users can use the machine without the looming anxiety of the floor jack coming apart. With the new lift arm, the user has a lot more control delivering just the right amount of lift as needed. This increased control and durability will yield greater functionality from the machine.

What We Don’t Like

This floor jack is slow. It takes about 20 pumps to lift a small car. This diminishes productivity while forcing the user to expend a lot of energy trying to lift a car.


  • Very lightweight
  • Offer a greater degree of control thanks to the reinforced arm
  • The dual pistons help raise the jack that much quicker
  • Convenience when jack positioning thanks to the side handle
  • Offers a substantial lifting range


  • The floor jack is too slow

JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

51bu+uwH5kL. SL500

Made from high-quality aluminum, the JEGS Professionals low-profile 3-Ton Floor Jack has the durability and quality expected from its construction. Though it is lightweight, it can rival a lot of the competition on the market at the moment. It has enough lift capacity to find use in any automotive shop to lift most cars and trucks.

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight body made from aluminum
  • The saddle is capable of rotating 360 degrees
  • Rubber saddle to prevent damage to the vehicle being worked on
  • Features a built-in safety valve that prevents overloading
  • Dual handles for greater control

What We Like

With two handles, the user can get a lot more control when working with the jack. The handles are also extended making them longer, allowing the user extra leverage to maneuver the floor jack. This makes the floor jack more convenient as it can now be used for more applications.

The saddle can be maneuvered to move in 360 degrees. This makes the process of floor jacking easier as you can position the saddle to best fit the vehicle. The result is considerably more versatility on how to approach your work.

The body is made from lightweight aluminum. The aluminum used is the same grade as that used on aircrafts. This makes the floor jack a lot more reliable as it can easily handle more loads before breaking down.

What We Don’t Like

The robust floor jack has some quality control issues. The rubber pad that makes up the saddle falls apart rather easily. The wheels also do not line up quite well with the ground which limits its portability.


  • Made from high-quality aluminum
  • Very durable and lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to the long handles
  • Convenient as the saddle can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Great for low-clearance vehicles


  • The floor jack has some quality control issues

Buyer’s Guide

When shopping around for a floor jack, there are some considerations you should make to ensure you are getting value for your money.  Here are some things you should look out for when purchasing a floor jack.

What type of car will you be using?

The most important factor to consider when floor jack shopping is the car you will use it on. Otherwise, you will likely buy a floor jack only for it to be completely incompatible with the car you wish to be working on. To ensure this does not happen make sure you get the specifications of the vehicle you will be working on.

Ground clearance cannot be avoided when dealing with cars and floor jacks. Ground clearance refers to how high the jack sits concerning the point of contact between the jack and the vehicle. There are specially designed floor jacks developed to help with cars that are particularly low such as sports cars. If you have a vehicle that is raised like an SUV, there is little to worry about as most hydraulic floor jacks would work well with a car that high. Hydraulic floor jacks are suitable for most day-to-day cases, though they may not be suitable for fringe cases like lifting a freight truck.

Construction quality

When considering what type of jack to get, a high-quality jack may seem expensive at first but in the long run, it will save you money. Cheaper options will cost you a lot more in maintenance and lost productivity. A high-quality jack will be made of metal as opposed to plastic. A good finish is also an indicator of quality.

A manufacturer will likely have their machine polished and painted to show off its quality. Make sure to check for leaks before making a purchase, as this is an indicator the jack could be faulty.

Vehicle weight

Any floor jack on the market has a weight limit on how much it can handle. You have to ensure the limit of the jack you are looking to purchase exceeds the amount of weight you intend to lift. The rating is usually in tons with the 2-ton and 3-ton jack being the most common. However, some jacks can go up to the 5-ton capacity.

Most smaller cars can comfortably be supported by a 2-ton floor jack or even bottle jacks. Larger vehicles like SUVs could be serviced by a 3 or 3.5-ton floor jack. Heavy vehicles over 3.5 tons would not be supported by conventional jacks but may require heavy-duty jacks.

Final Verdict

The Pro-Lift F-23 Grey Hydraulic Jack takes the top spot for offering innovation and quality in one unit. It is great in quality control making it ideal for professionals. If you need a jack that gets the job done in quick succession then the Aain Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor Jack is the best product for you.

The BIG RED T83006 has the best value for money. Despite the steel construction, it is still quite capable of lifting cars in a few pumps and its compact design allows it to get even under low cars. Finally, the Arcan jack shines due to its convenience. The lightweight jack allows it to be easily transported where it is needed.