Andis Profoil (Plus), Wahl Finale & Shaver Shaper: A Review

Andis Profoil (Plus), Wahl Finale & Shaver Shaper: A Review
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You can’t really expect clippers or even T-blade trimmers to achieve that ultimate smooth finish. If you want flawless necklines, a clean bald head or perfect skin fades…You need a shaver.

Let’s talk about Andis’ and Wahl’s barber-grade foil shavers. These would be my favorite Andis Profoil (and the newer Profoil Plus) vs the 5 Star Finale and the classic Shaver Shaper.

At home, I shave my head and clean myself up with an Andis Profoil. When I hit my barbershop, my guy uses a Wahl Finale (prices here). Here they are, the beauties:

andis vs wahl shavers review 1

The Finale is considerably smoother and vibrates less. However, it’s more expensive and my barber mentions that the foils are more delicate. For 2 years, I haven’t had an issue with my Profoil’s shaving blades.

But you know what? Recently, I tried out this Andis’ Profoil Lithium Plus. If my current one breaks, I’ll get the new #17200 shaver.

Why is the Profoil Lithium Plus better than the standard Andis Profoil?

Three reasons: longer battery life (+20 minutes more), better ergonomics (smaller body, rubberized sides) and a LED battery indicator.

I’ll do a full review of all these – and why I think the Wahl Shaver Shaper is old news. Here are my recommendations first:

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I’ll be comparing fundamental features like battery, ergonomics, and shave quality. Feel free to navigate to whichever part interests you the most.

Andis vs Wahl shavers:
The battery matters

At their core, all of these foil shavers were meant to be used cordless. Especially if you’re a barber or stylist. You won’t orbit around your client with a charging station now, will you?

Battery life is a must here.

Wahl’s #8164 Finale wins the race with its 90 minutes of cordless performance. Both Andis Profoil shavers clock in at around 80 minutes. Shaver Shaper finishes last with a charge of just 60 minutes.

Generally, you can expect all of these to stick to these benchmarks. Maaybe you can get 5 minutes or so less, but nothing too drastic.

The Shaver Shaper is the only one that runs on the older NiCad battery tech. Environmentally, this sucks – Lithium-Ion batteries are safer for our planet. NiCad also suffers from the “memory effect” which limits the actual charge capacity.

Note on global use: Speaking of charges, an important thing for international use. Only Andis Profoil Lithium can be used worldwide, as these tools are 50/60HZ and 100/240V.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Shaver/Shaper
  • Wahl’s pioneer in ultra-close shaves.
  • Decent choice, but not much more.
  • Shortest battery charge (1 hour) and old Ni-Cad technology.
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profoil andis

Wahl’s barber foil shavers only stick to 60HZ/120V. Keep that in mind!

Profoil, Shaver Shaper, Finale:
Which shaves the smoothest?

That would definitely be the Wahl Finale.

It was made as a step above the #8061 Shaver Shaper, but it also outshines the Profoil Lithium.

As I mentioned, a big advantage here is the reduced vibration due to the improved cutter design. Here’s my head shaved with a #8164 Finale, six hours after the cut:

shaving with foils

A small amount of stubble has already grown, but freshly shaved it was as close to the skin as possible without using a razor.

Now, there’s a small tradeoff. Wahl mention that the new design also protects the foil head better than the Shaver Shaper. The latter is notorious for flimsy foils, and yes, the Finale is better.

However, Andis #17150 Profoil – and especially the new #17200 Lithium Plus have more durable foils. I’m saying again, 2 years without any issues. I’ve also seen a lot more people complain about Wahl foils, to be honest.

In any case, all of these shavers have hypoallergenic foils. On most skin types, they should deliver bump-free styling. For extra sensitive skin (like bald fades on the tricky African-American type hair) go for the Finale.

A reminder that these were meant to be used as finishing shavers. If you use them on longer hair, the cutters will jam and you might ruin them. For optimal results, use them on hair that’s 1/32″ (0.8mm) or shorter.

If you need an additional Wahl Finale example, check this guy. He does an insane test:

Wahl Professional 5 Star Finale
  • Closest shave, gentle on the skin.
  • Longest battery charge at 90 minutes.
  • Foils can be a bit delicate, however.
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Andis & Wahl finishing tools:
What about ergonomics?

The final factor is how well will these foil shavers fit in your hand. This is especially important for barbers – you guys and girl will be working a lot with them.

The winner here would be the new Andis Profoil.

Andis’ Lithium shavers are twice lighter than Wahl’s counterparts: 0.2 lbs versus 0.36 lbs. As I mentioned, the Profoil Plus TS-2 is more ergonomic – coated with soft-grip texture.

It’s also a little bit smaller at 4.6″, compared to the previous 4.75″. This might be an improvement for Andis, but Wahl’s barber shavers have always been more compact at 4.6″ anyways.

What matters is that Profoil Plus’ ergonomics are also supplemented by a significantly quieter operation. That’s true – my older tool can feel a bit loud sometimes.

Andis Profoil Lithium Plus
$85.00 $45.99
  • Improved Andis Profoil, yet still cheap.
  • Ergonomic: rubber grips & twice lighter than Wahl.
  • Very smooth shave, but not THE smoothest.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Electric Beard Shavers 

We will review the electric variations of Andis and Wahl to ensure you pick the right one in terms of performance. 

Wahl Finale Electric Shaver

We will review the new model of the Wahl Finale electric shaver. Its predecessor was successful, and the company made this design with superior features.

The American brand Wahl created this machine to ensure that you can shave your mustache and beard with minimal irritation on your skin. So let’s dive in and look at some amazing features of this electrical appliance. 

Features of Wahl Finale

It has an Ultimate Finish

As the name indicates, the Finale shaver is designed to make the shaving process as short as possible. Use a clipper or trimmer if you have long hair on your face or head, as this machine is designed to cut short hair only and make it shorter. Once your hair is short enough, you can use the Wahl finale to shorten your hair further. 

It is Bump-free With No Irritations.

This machine has a hypoallergenic gold foil that ensures bump-free results and will leave your skin ultra-smooth. This machine is suitable for fragile and sensitive skin as it causes no bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation after shaving. 

Has a Perfectly Finished Fade

The Wahl finale can be an important finishing appliance to ensure your hair has a good look and finish. The machine’s blade provides a 0.1 mm shave giving it that flawless look. Moreover, the shaver can be suitable for people who suffer from bumps during shaving. 

How To Use Wahl Finale

Although this shaver has a sturdy build, care should be practiced to ensure the durability of the equipment. On top of that, the shaver has an extra thin foil, which makes it prone to damage. A smooth rhythmic movement should be used to ensure the film’s longevity, which will also give better results. Every professional groomer should have this equipment as part of the finishing process for an amazing finish.

Let us look at some aspects of this machine you should consider while shaving. 

Efficiency and Rotating speed

The shaver has a high-powered rotary engine reaching 7,000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute. You can use the shaver without the cable, making shaving more comfortable. The cutting height of the Wahl finale is 0.1 mm, which provides a great look. 

Wired and Wireless

Its powerful Li-Ion battery ensures you can shave wirelessly for 90 minutes. Another good thing about the battery is it can be fully charged in 120 minutes, and this is because of its fast-charging system. 

On the other hand, you can use the wire, which is 2.4 meters long, meaning you don’t have to shave next to the socket. The length of the cable also ensures free movement when shaving. 


No professional barber would want a heavy machine for shaving. This makes the Wahl shaver suitable to hold while shaving, as it weighs only 160 grams. The shaver also comes with blades and a foil which can be replaced when they become blunt.


  • Easy to clean with the supplied brush
  • Rechargeable battery
  • It can be used on dry skin
  • Convenient for traveling


  • Not suitable for long hair

Andis Profoil Electric Shaver

This is one of the most advanced electric shavers. This is because it has the latest technology that makes it stand out for its hypoallergenic coating on its titanium blades. The coating ensures you have a smooth shave with no irritation. The Andis Profoil electric shaver is ideal for nape and neck finishes and adjusts well to the contours of your face. This will ensure you have a shaving experience free from allergies and irritations. 

For professional groomers looking to make short and trendy men’s haircuts, the Andis Profoil electric shaver will work wonders. This is because of its double offset blades, which are made of gold and titanium. 

What’s more, its spring-mounted grid offers better comfort for customers. 

Features of Andis Profoil Electric Shaver

Physical Properties

The Andis Profoil Lithium electric shaver comes with a lithium-ion battery that can be charged through its power cable. In addition, the blades are coated with hypoallergenic material making them suitable for the most sensitive skin.

This shaver comes in a 24 × 20.2 × 6.4 package that includes additional accessories such as the power cable. 

When you want to switch the machine on or off, its power button is located on top of the chassis, which is very accessible. The high-powered motor will give you up to 9000 cuts per minute thanks to its cutting-edge technology. 

Uses Micrometric Technology

The Andis Profoil Lithium electric shaver utilizes micrometric technology on its blade to offer a perfectly smooth shave. As a result, the blades can be used for the most challenging hairs from the beard region in no time. 

Wired or Wireless

This electric shaver can be used with a cord or battery to ensure prolonged use of the equipment. Its ergonomic design ensures a firm and stable grip with an LED light showing the battery level, meaning you can connect it to power before it runs out of juice.

Time Taken To Shave

There are times that you want to cut your beard in the shortest time possible. This electric appliance is designed to cut the most difficult hair in minimum time as it has a high-power motor without hooking your skin, causing irritation, or pulling your hair. In addition, it comes in a suitable size for storage, meaning travelers can include this shaver as part of their traveling equipment. 

Best Clipper for Longer Beard

Since the beard is the most healthy hair on your body, a trimmer might not be enough to get the job done. This is where the Andis Profoil electric clippers will work well to ensure your beard are well shaven. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Ergonomic design
  • Requires little maintenance
  • It shaves better than a razor


  • Not practical for long hair


Well, there you have it – a thorough comparison on these four foil shavers for barbers or stylists.

Do you think I was undeservedly cruel to the 5 Star Shaver Shaper?

Maybe, but this finishing tool has run past its time. Four or five years ago, it’d be your best buddy for necklines, stray hairs, bald fades and similar finishes.

Both Wahl and Andis have moved on with better foil shaving products, however. Similar to what they’ve done with their adjustable clipper lines. Battery-wise, performance-wise and just all around, the #8061 shaver is old news.

Get the Finale if you want the smoothest action and you can afford it. Get the Profoil (or better, the Plus) if you want sturdier cutters and a more affordable price tag.

In case you’re a barber starting out, I’ve also prepared a complete guide to blade sizes for Oster clippers. I know you have a detachable in your toolbox 😉


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